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2014-2015 BTD Top 25: End of Year Ranks

Ohio State defeated Oregon in the championship game and to the victor goes the top spot in the BTD poll.

Nothing quite like balloon art.
Nothing quite like balloon art.
Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Consensus Poll:

Rank Team Points
1 Ohio State 100
2 Oregon 94
T-3 TCU 91
T-3 Alabama 91
5 FSU 82
6 Michigan State 78
7 Baylor 74
8 Georgia Tech 73
9 Mississippi State 58
T-10 Georgia 54
T-10 Boise State 54
12 UCLA 52
T-13 Wisconsin 51
T-13 Arizona State 51
15 Kansas State 49
16 Clemson 48
17 Arizona 43
18 Missouri 33
19 Ole Miss 31
20 Utah 20
21 USC 15
22 Memphis 13
23 Marshall 10
24 Louisville 6
25 Notre Dame 3

Individual Polls:

Chris Andy Kurt Robert
1 Ohio State Ohio St. Ohio State Ohio State
2 Oregon TCU Alabama Oregon
3 TCU Oregon Oregon Alabama
4 Alabama Alabama TCU TCU
5 FSU Florida St. Michigan State Florida St.
6 Michigan State Georgia Tech Baylor Georgia Tech
7 Baylor Boise St. Florida State Michigan St.
8 Georgia Michigan St. Georgia Baylor
9 UCLA Baylor Georgia Tech Mississippi St.
10 Georgia Tech UCLA Mississippi St Wisconsin
11 Wisconsin Kansas St. Auburn Clemson
12 Boise State Arizona St. Kansas State Boise State
13 Arizona State Mississippi St Arizona UCLA
14 Mississippi State Arizona Arizona State Arizona St.
15 Clemson Missouri Mississippi Kansas St.
16 Arizona Wisconsin Wisconsin Mississippi
17 Kansas State Georgia Clemson Georgia
18 Ole Miss Clemson Missouri Arizona
19 Missouri Utah Boise State Missouri
20 USC Marshall UCLA Auburn
21 Utah USC Minnesota Memphis
22 Memphis Louisville Utah Utah
23 Notre Dame Memphis USC Marshall
24 Stanford Mississippi LSU Louisville
25 Marshall Air Force Memphis Minnesota


Ohio State earned the top spot, after coming away victorious in the national championship game. They defeated Oregon who would stay in second. The real interesting spot here is TCU tying for the third spot with Alabama. They absolutely dominated Ole Miss in their bowl game and possibly deserved a berth in the playoff, although with the resumes each had at the time I do believe that the committee made the best possible choices for the playoff.

Boise State made the way up after defeating Arizona, who tumbled 6 spots.

The SEC may have been overvalued as I have stated several times over these rankings. When one conference is more highly valued all their wins are inflated, and the SEC as a whole had a bad showing this bowl season, there are always excuses made, but in the end the performances do matter. That's what really makes the playoff so good, it helped eliminate some of those assumptions by creating matchups that had been mere hypotheticals in the past. Teams like Boise State or the Urban Meyer coached Utah teams come to mind for instance. College football is moving towards a system that will allow the best teams to prove who is best through direct competition and not on the back of voters who may not even watch games on the west coast. The best way to break bias is through evidence, this year's playoff started gathering that.