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Chai Baker Condition Stable

Doctors Optimistic For Full Recovers

Oregon St. freshman guard Chai Baker is recovering after collapsing at practice.
Oregon St. freshman guard Chai Baker is recovering after collapsing at practice.
(Photo via NBC Sports)

Oregon St. freshman Chai Baker remains at Good Samaritan Hospital in Corvallis this evening, recovering after a heart event caused him to collapse at practice Tuesday.

After initially not acknowledging that Baker was the patient being treated he is now listed in "critical but stable condition", and doctors are optimistic that Baker will make a full recovery, though it may take a couple more days to determine the exact cause of Baker's collapse. Baker remains heavily sedated.

Head Coach Wayne Tinkle and members of the team have visited the hospital, and provided support to Baker's mother Niki, who flew in from Baker's home town of Panama City, FL, today.

"We're getting positive news every couple of hours, but he's still in critical condition at this point," Tinkle said. "We're not out of the woods."

The incident began late Tuesday morning at practice,at Oregon State's basketball practice facility when Baker collapsed shortly before 11 AM. Assistant coach Stephen Thompson called 911 at 11:01 AM according to dispatch reports, while assistant coach Kerry Rupp and at least two players comforted Baker, who was struggling to breathe.

A team trainer gave Baker CPR and used a heart defibrillator on him before Corvallis Fire Dept. EMTs arrived at 11:07 and transported Baker to Good Samaritan Hospital.

The 6'3", 175 lb. shooting guard had no history of heart problems, with only asthma showing on his medical condition, and passed all university reqiired heart screenings, which include an American Heart Association questionnaire, and EKG, and echocardiogram tests.

WMBB TV in Panama City, FL, has reported that a blood clot in Baker's leg may have contributed to the event, but Steve Clark, Oregon State vice president for university relations and marketing has said "there is nothing to suggest that Baker suffered a heart valve issue or blood clot." Why exactly a marketing and promotions person is the one speaking to a medical issue is unclear.

Tinkle also shared that he 1s very appreciative of fans thinking about Chai Baker.

"This is a tough deal for all of us, obviously," Tinkle added. "But we all think this will pull us together. The main thing right now is obviously Chai's health. We're holding together strong for that and then trying to support the family the best we can."