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OSU FB Top 25: Jashwa James - 21

Jawsha James is currently in position to start for the Beavers at defensive end opposite of Dylan Wynn and is ranked number 21.

Jashwa James is hoping to break out this year.
Jashwa James is hoping to break out this year.
Andy Wooldridge

2013 Recap:

James did not get a lot of playing time, only racking up 8 tackles and a half sack on the season. He started off the year as a middle linebacker but quickly moved to defensive end and spent most of the year learning the position. The year was not all bad though as he was able to sit and learn, especially from Scott Crichton.

2014 Outlook:

As a converted linebacker James has some extra ability that you might not expect from a defensive end. He should play a little quicker and hopefully be a little more agile. At only 255 lbs, he will need it too, as Dylan Wynn opposite him is 275 and Crichton was 273 lbs last year. His athleticism should show up though and it may help him in the pass rush. A similar hope is being placed on Obum Gwacham, but James has been playing the position for an extra year and will be more able to help stop the run.

He has been playing well in camp, the position initially belonged to him and there have been no rumblings of his starting spot being encroached upon. There will always be a rotation, but he will likely stay in a starring role on the defense. There is potential for a real breakout year, with the rest of the defensive line looking more formidable it should offer him the opportunities to rack up some big numbers. Crichton managed to excel even while being the focal point of opposing offenses. James will clearly not have the same issues, hopefully the improved defensive tackle spot will help open up extra chances for Jashwa James to get after the quarterback and become a household name.

22. Grant Bays

23. Kellen Clute

24. Hunter Jarmon

25. Keith Kostol