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OSU FB Top 25: Grant Bays - 22

Offensive lineman Grant Bays rumbles into the ranks as number 22.

Can Grant Bays stay healthy enough to emerge from the pile?
Can Grant Bays stay healthy enough to emerge from the pile?
Andy Wooldridge

2013 Recap:

Bays came in as a substitute offensive lineman last season, but was pressed into starting duty and played acceptably. He did not set the world on fire with his play, but was not at the root at most of the problems that the Beavs were facing last season. Grant Enger would take over his starting role, although he would still play in all 13 games.

2014 Outlook:

He has been dinged up since the spring, and he has a back problem that has forced him in and out of the fall practices so far. If he can go, and that seems to be the big question, if his health holds up he could be a solid player for Oregon State shoring up the interior. There are any number of players who might step in for him, but who knows which player might emerge out of the interior of the offensive line.

Size is not his greatest asset either, as he is surprisingly not quite as heavy at a mere 6'-3" and 288 lbs. His strength is not reflected in this however, as he has generally shown to be powerful. This is just a case of a player who should be able to be an average to above average player if he can get over his current afflictions. Back injuries are not simple though. If Bays can overcome that, he will likely be a starter for the Beavers, but that is his main challenge right now.