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2014 BTD Bracket Challenge: We Have a Champ!

With Vanderbilt's victory mancow_1 is the winner of this year's bracket!

Vanderbilt has brought mancow_1 the victory!
Vanderbilt has brought mancow_1 the victory!
Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Vanderbilt downed Virginia 3-2 in the 3rd and deciding game of the 2014 College World Series, and that closes out both the baseball season and the BTD CWS Bracket Challenge.

Final Bracket:

Place Name Points
1 mancow_1 22
2 TimStoeckle 21
3 Sahr 20
T-4 timho 18
T-4 Wahoo2012 18
6 Heidi Bainter 17
7 Graham Coffelt 15
T-8 NoVaBurgher 14
T-8 RaysnNoles 14
T-8 Brettbirdsong12 14
T-11 Coachnip13 13
T-11 StevenB606 13
T-11 Xami 13
T-14 MB3 12
T-14 tpizzola11 12
T-14 ocho_ocho 12
T-17 Florida Beaver 11
T-17 borgguy 11
T-17 Nappy265988 11
T-17 schlitty's 11
T-17 MikeTTU 11
T-17 Brett Bainter 11
T-17 Chuck Bainter 11
T-24 ConnorOSU 10
T-24 BDotEvans 10
T-24 DodgerMatt 10
T-27 RBernards 9
T-27 yesh222 9
T-27 GTNate 9
T-27 fsutiger1276 9
T-27 Debbie Bainter 9
T-27 HurricaneKane 9
T-33 samikl14 8
T-33 OregonG20 8
T-33 mancow_2 8
T-33 Marshall Weber 8
T-37 mancow 7
T-37 BeaverBobb 7
39 Ednold 3

mancow_1 is the winner! Please comment your email on this page and I will contact you in order to get information so I can send your prize. If I do not hear within two weeks I'll have to move down the list. TimStoeckle please post your email as well if mancow_1 never gets back to me.

If anyone is again interested to see the complete results you can check the scoresheet here.

Thanks to all who participated!