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Jace Fry Pac-12 Pitcher Of Week, Oregon St. Stays #2

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Jace Fry honored again by the Pac-12.
Jace Fry honored again by the Pac-12.

Jace Fry's 3rd complete game shutout of the season, a 1-hitter yesterday in Oregon St.'s 5-0 sweep sealing win at California, has earned him his 3rd Pac-12 Pitcher of the Week honor this season, and maintained the Beavers at #2 in this week's Baseball America Top 25 poll.

Virginia stayed #1, despite losing a mid-week game to Old Dominion. The Cavaliers, and the ACC, did not play this past weekend.

Oregon St. also remained #3 in Kendall Rogers' Perfect Game Top 25, but the Beavers did move up from #2 to #1 in the Collegiate Baseball rankings.

The USA Today Coaches' Assistant Sports Information Directors poll also moved Oregon St. up, from #3 to #2.

Washington, which swept Utah in Salt Lake City to stay 1/2 game ahead of Oregon St., after a non-conference loss to Seattle, moved up from #7 to #6 in the Baseball America poll and the Perfect Game list, while staying at #7 on the Collegiate Baseball list, and at #13 on the USA Today poll.

Oregon, which swept Arizona in Eugene, remained unranked in the Baseball America poll, but moved from #15 to #14 on the Collegiate Baseball list, and up to #19 from #21 on the Perfect Game list. The Ducks also moved back into the USA Today poll, at #24.

Cal-Poly, after losing to Pepperdine, and then the 1st of their weekend Big West series at UC-Riverside, before bouncing back to win the series, slid from #4 to #7 in the Baseball America poll, and from #3 down to #11 on the Collegiate Baseball list, but climbed from #9 to #7 on the Perfect Game list, and stayed at #5 on the USA-Today poll.

The Mustangs are a competitor to the Pac-12 for a possible National Seed.

Perfect Game also moved UC-Irvine, which leads Cal-Poly and the Big West by 1/2 games, beat USC and swept UC-Santa Barbara, back onto their list, at #21. Collegiate Baseball has the Anteaters at #16, up from #20. They also have Pepperdine at #22 and San Diego at #24.