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NCAA Baseball Bracketology: May 13 Edition

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Where does Oregon State stand in the national picture?

Virginia Is The Projected Number One National Seed
Virginia Is The Projected Number One National Seed
Field of 64 Projections (May 13)
Charlottesville Regional

1. Virginia (1)
4. Davidson*

2. Liberty*
3. William & Mary*
Seattle Regional

1. Washington
4. Western Illinois*

2. Pepperdine*
3. San Diego State
Gainesville Regional
1. Florida* (2)
4. Florida Gulf Coast*

2. UCF*
3. Florida International
Columbia Regional

1. South Carolina
4. Wright State*

2. Clemson
3. Evansville*
Tallahassee Regional
1. Florida State (3)
4. Alabama State*

2. Alabama
3. Sam Houston State*
Nashville Regional

1. Vanderbilt
4. St. Joseph's*

2. Oklahoma State*
3. Georgia Tech
Corvallis Regional

1. Oregon State* (4)
4. Sacramento State*

2. UC Santa Barbara
3. San Diego
San Luis Obispo Regional
1. Cal Poly
4. Bucknell*

2. Oregon
3. New Mexico*
Lafayette Regional
1. Louisiana-Lafayette* (5)
4. Southeast Missouri State*

2. Texas A&M
3. Dallas Baptist
Oxford Regional

1. Mississippi 
4. Bryant*

2. TCU
3. Duke
Bloomington Regional
1. Indiana* (6)
4. Ball State*

2. Indiana State
3. West Virginia
Louisville Regional

1. Louisville
4. Buffalo*

2. Kentucky
3. Maryland
Coral Gables Regional
1. Miami (Florida)* (7)
4. Delaware State*

2. Mississippi State
3. Kansas
Baton Rouge Regional

1. LSU
4. Stony Brook*

2. Texas Tech
3. Arizona State
Houston Regional
1. Rice* (8)
4. Creighton*

2. Texas
3. Nebraska
Houston Regional
1. Houston
4. Columbia*

2. UC Irvine*
3. Tennessee

FIRST FOUR OUT: North Carolina, Arkansas, Illinois, NC State

NEXT FOUR OUT: Illinois State, Southern Miss, Cal State Fullerton, USC

Bracket Banter:

  • Virginia is my number one overall seed despite not even leading its conference at the moment. The Cavaliers have posted series wins over the likes of Florida State, Georgia Tech, Clemson, Miami (Florida), and Duke, and while they only have one sweep since late March, series wins are all that matters in a challenging league like the ACC. They need to finish strong this weekend at Wake Forest before the ACC Tournament.
  • Oregon State has the fourth national seed at the moment, and I must say, that regional is looking pretty spicy right now. I have UC Santa Barbara returning to Corvallis for the second consecutive season as the two seed, and San Diego, who currently sits in fourth place in the WCC, as the three. Sacramento State rounds out the group as the four, facing the Beavers on Friday night for a season rubber match.
  • It came down to Rice and Louisville for the final national seed, and the Owls got the nod. They are finishing strong, having won 12 of their last 16, and got a big two wins at Southern Miss a few weeks ago. Their RPI is also surprisingly high at #6, 12 spots better than Louisville's.
  • For the Pac-12, we have two regional hosts (Oregon State and Washington), one other team locked into the field (Oregon), one bubble "in" (Arizona State), and one on the wrong side of the bubble (USC). SC's RPI is just killing them right now. It currently sits at 78th, and ever since they became a trendy cinderella team a few weeks ago, they've hit a slump. The Trojans have dropped five of their last seven and only have five games left to improve their record.