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The Final 4!

Can Kentucky continue their miraculous run? Can Kentucky BE a Cinderella?
Can Kentucky continue their miraculous run? Can Kentucky BE a Cinderella?
Photo via SBN.

"Final 4 Day" in the NCAA Basketball Tournament is often the day of the best basketball of the year, even if the National Championship Game on Monday winds up being an all-time, never mind instant, classic, comprised of 40 Shining Moments. For one thing, there are 2 games.

This year's there's only 1 #1 seed that has made it to "Jerry's World", the Dallas Cowboys' football stadium in Arlington, TX, that is both big enough to hold the final 4, and has a video screen large enough for most of the people who will be there to actually see the games.

And only 1 other top 2/3/4/5/6 seed. There aren't any opening round visitor teams left, but there is a &seed and an 8 seed, so there is the specter of a "Cinderella Story", if there is any such thing as UConn or Big Blue EVER being a "Cinderella".

The action starts at 5:09 PM CDT (3:09 PM PDT), with the Connecticut Huskies (30-8, and the 7 seed from the East) taking on the Florida Gators (36-2, and the #1 seed in the Tournament, never mind the South).

Florida is a 6.5 point favorite to reach the title game, having won all 4 of their Tournament games by double digit margins. Its worth remembering though, that one of the Gators' two losses (the other came at Wisconsin, the team they are expected to meet Monday night), and the last one, came at the hands of the Huskies, 65-64 back on December 2.

Monday night's other combatant will be determined when the Kentucky Wildcats (28-10, and the 8 seed from the Midwest) takes on the Wisconsin Badgers (30-7, and the #2 seed from the West), starting at or shortly after 7:49 PM CDT (5:49 PM PDT).

The Wildcats have already gotten rid of 1 B1G team in the tournament, having beaten Michigan 75-72 Sunday, and would love a 4th shot at Florida, who have beaten them 3 times since mid-February.

The Badgers of course are the team that ended the Pac-12's run at the Final 4, edging Arizona 64-63 last Saturday.

TBS has the broadcast for both games.