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Kavin Keyes Shelved For Most Of Rest Of Regular Season

Oregon St will be without first baseman Kavin Keyes for about 5 weeks.
Oregon St will be without first baseman Kavin Keyes for about 5 weeks.
(Photo by Andy Wooldridge)

Oregon St. senior first baseman Kavin Keyes is out for most of the rest of the regular season, having suffered a broken thumb on his left hand.

Keyes suffered the fracture early in Sunday's game at Washington St., an 8-1 Beaver win, while making a tag put-out of a Cougar at first base. It wasn't initially thought to be a serious injury, and Keyes continued to play for another 1 2/3 innings before giving way to Jerad Casper.

An x-ray taken after the game however revealed a break, which doctors expect to take about 5-6 weeks to heal.

Keyes was at practice today with his left hand in a cast, and his arm in a sling. Keyes hopes to return to action for the final series of the regular season, when Oregon St. travels to USC on Memorial Day weekend.

"It's not the best thing in the world to have to go through," said Keyes. "I'm not out there with the team, but I'll be here off the field. I'll be doing what I need to do off the field."

Casper can continue to provide an adequate defensive presence at first base, bue Keyes' absence will be a blow offensive for the Beavers.

Keyes is hitting .325, usually in the 5th spot in the lineup, preventing opponents from pitching around cleanup hitter Dylan Davis.

Keyes has 19 RBIs and 20 runs scored this season, and had one home run.