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2015 Christmas Shopping For Beaver Fans

Mike Riley got an early Christmas present, in the form of a lucrative new contract that came with a plane ride, not a sleigh ride, to Nebraska.

Some Beaver fans think they got an early Christmas present yesterday as well, while others are now hoping for a big one, in the form of a great new hire.

But while we wait for Bob DeCarolis to get his cell phone recharged and finish the search. we can engage in some Oregon State-centric Christmas shopping of our own.

Our friends at Asgard Press have the 2015 edition of the Classic Oregon St. program calendar ready, featuring program cover reproductions from an assortment of games from the past, including a certain Civil War win on the cover.

And as always, they have calendars and posters for a wide variety of other schools, should you be a mixed-species household, or an equal opportunity fanoverboard.

They make great conversation, or in some cases, argument starters. Not that a good argument about football rivalries are ever a bad thing.

And again this year, Asgard has a deal for Beaver Nation. When you check out, even if you have bought a Duck or Husky calendar, you can use promo code buildingthedam14 to get a discount!

Check them out, get ready for next year, and give a gift!

Merry Christmas, and Go Beavs!