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2014 BTD Top 25: And the South Will Fall Again

The Pac-12 South saw two teams fall, Utah and Arizona, and the fight for the Pac-12 South will be even crazier in the final few weeks.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Consensus Poll:

Rank Team Points
1 Mississippi State 100
2 FSU 95
3 Oregon 89
4 Auburn 88
5 Alabama 84
T-6 Michigan State 78
T-6 TCU 78
8 Kansas State 67
9 Notre Dame 66
10 Baylor 61
11 Arizona State 60
12 Ohio State 58
13 Ole Miss 51
14 Nebraska 47
15 Georgia 38
16 Marshall 34
17 Oklahoma 33
18 Utah 32
19 Arizona 29
20 LSU 21
21 Clemson 19
22 Duke 18
23 USC 12
T-24 Colorado State 10
T-24 West Virginia 10
25 UCLA 8

Individual Polls:

Chris Andy Kurt Robert
1 Mississippi State Mississippi St MIssissippi St Mississippi St.
2 FSU Florida St. Auburn Florida St.
3 Oregon Oregon Florida State Alabama
4 Michigan State TCU Oregon Auburn
5 Auburn Auburn Alabama Oregon
6 Alabama Alabama Mississippi TCU
7 TCU Arizona St. Michigan State Michigan St.
8 Baylor Michigan St. Kansas State Ohio St.
9 Notre Dame Kansas St. TCU Notre Dame
10 Kansas State Notre Dame Notre Dame Kansas St.
11 Ohio State Baylor Arizona State Georgia
12 Arizona State Ohio St. Baylor Baylor
13 Marshall Utah Georgia Nebraska
14 Nebraska Nebraska Oklahoma Arizona St.
15 Ole Miss LSU Ohio State Mississippi
16 Arizona Marshall Nebraska Marshall
17 Georgia Mississippi Utah Oklahoma
18 Utah Colorado St Clemson Duke
19 Duke Oklahoma Arizona Arizona
20 Minnesota UCLA LSU West Virginia
21 Oklahoma Arizona USC USC
22 LSU Clemson West Virginia Clemson
23 Clemson Duke Wisconsin East Carolina
24 UCLA USC Stanford Utah
25 Colorado State Georgia Marshall Colorado St.


Ole Miss got their second loss of the year and plummeted all the way down to 13, likely knocking them out of the playoff race.

Utah and Arizona both lost, adding even more confusion into the Pac-12 South. ASU now seats in the driver's seat, but USC and UCLA still have a puncher's chance if the Sun Devils slip up.

West Virginia fell and while it was to a quality opponent in TCU, it was enough to knock them off the cusp. Georgia and East Carolina had real bad losses though, falling to inferior opponents in Florida and Temple respectively. Georgia landed at number 15 and East Carolina dropped straight out.