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Chai Baker Will Not Be Cleared To Play For Oregon St.

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The Oregon St. athletic department announce tonight that freshman Chai Baker will not be cleared to play basketball, or anything else, indefinitely.

Should he remain enrolled at Oregon St., his scholarship will be honored. Baker will also remain a part of basketball coach Wayne Tinkle's program.

Baker, a 6'3" shooting guard from Panama City, FL, was looked to for a substantial offensive contribution this coming year, but collapsed due to a heart event at practice on August 19, and spent just over a week in the hospital as a result.

Baker went into cardiac arrest, it was determined, though he did not suffer a heart attack, and had no history of similar health issues.

Baker returned to classes when fall term began, and has been attending practice this fall while awaiting a decision on his future, and had follow up visits with doctors today.

Baker and family members met with Dr. Douglas Aukerman, the university's director of sports medicine, to discuss the medical review of Baker's condition, after Aukerman and Baker's cardiologists at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center decided Baker would not be cleared.

The reason for the indefinite nature of the non-clearance was not explained.

Whether he can get clearance at some other school should he transfer is also an unknown at this point.

Baker did thank family and Beaver Nation friends for their support.