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2014 BTD Top 25: Buckeyes High in the Middle

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Ohio State has jumped into the top 10 after beating fellow Big 10 contender Michigan State.

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Consensus Poll:

Rank Team Points
1 Mississippi State 100
2 FSU 94
3 Oregon 93
4 Alabama 87
5 TCU 85
6 Arizona State 75
7 Baylor 74
8 Ohio State 72
9 Auburn 62
10 Nebraska 57
T-11 Ole Miss 56
T-11 Kansas State 56
13 Michigan State 47
14 Marshall 43
15 Georgia 42
16 Arizona 38
17 Notre Dame 35
18 Clemson 31
19 Duke 25
T-20 UCLA 23
T-20 Colorado State 23
22 USC 16
23 Utah 10
24 Wisconsin 9
25 Oklahoma 6

Individual Polls:

Chris Andy Kurt Robert
1 Mississippi State Mississippi St. Mississippi St Mississippi St.
2 Oregon Florida St. Oregon Florida St.
3 FSU Oregon Florida State Alabama
4 Alabama TCU Alabama Oregon
5 TCU Arizona St. TCU TCU
6 Baylor Alabama Auburn Ohio St.
7 Ohio State Baylor Arizona State Kansas St.
8 Arizona State Ohio St. Mississippi Baylor
9 Marshall Nebraska Baylor Arizona St.
10 Nebraska LSU Kansas State Georgia
11 Ole Miss Marshall Ohio State Auburn
12 Auburn Colorado St. Michigan State Mississippi
13 Michigan State Auburn Georgia Nebraska
14 Notre Dame UCLA Notre Dame Michigan St.
15 Kansas State Arizona Nebraska Notre Dame
16 Arizona Kansas St. Clemson Marshall
17 Georgia Mississippi Arizona Duke
18 Duke Michigan St. LSU Arizona
19 Clemson Clemson Utah Clemson
20 UCLA Duke Oklahoma USC
21 Colorado State USC USC UCLA
22 Minnesota Georgia Wisconsin Colorado St.
23 Utah Georgia Tech Stanford East Carolina
24 Georgia Tech Wisconsin Duke Wisconsin
25 Wisconsin Boise St. Marshall LSU


I think the need to discuss the overall picture has been beat to death on every media outlet already so the disagreements are the only thing I'll discuss this week.

Marshall is ranked across the board now, and is still looked down upon for their conference and strength of schedule. They range from 9th to 25th in this poll, and the playoff committee certainly tends towards the lower side as they have not even ranked them.

Boise State made their first appearance as well, although just garnering one 25th place vote from Andy. It is interesting as they were always in the public in the past, but with 2 losses (and one of those being to Ole Miss) maybe they do deserve a mention or two.

Colorado State has started to climb as well. They are having a good year, but are obviously limited by their conference.