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2014 BTD Top 25: Total Carnage

In a week where the upsets started early and kept coming there was a massive shift across the board.

The Wildcats kicked off the games with a massive win over Oregon.
The Wildcats kicked off the games with a massive win over Oregon.
Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Consensus Poll:

Rank Team Points
1 FSU 100
2 Auburn 96
3 Mississippi State 89
4 Baylor 88
5 Ole Miss 85
6 Notre Dame 72
7 Alabama 70
8 Georgia 69
9 Michigan State 67
10 Oregon 65
11 TCU 60
12 Oklahoma 59
13 Arizona 58
14 Texas A&M 47
15 Oklahoma State 41
16 Ohio State 35
17 UCLA 34
18 East Carolina 28
19 Arizona State 24
20 Kansas State 22
T-21 Nebraska 15
T-21 Stanford 15
23 Marshall 14
24 Missouri 10
25 USC 8

Individual Polls:

Chris Andy Kurt Robert
1 FSU Florida St. Florida State Florida St.
2 Auburn Auburn Auburn Auburn
3 Baylor Baylor Mississippi State Mississippi St.
4 Ole Miss Mississippi St. Mississippi Baylor
5 Mississippi State Notre Dame Alabama Mississippi
6 Michigan State Mississippi Baylor Alabama
7 Georgia TCU Oklahoma Georgia
8 Notre Dame Arizona Oregon Notre Dame
9 TCU Georgia Michigan State Oregon
10 Arizona Alabama Texas A&M Michigan St.
11 Oregon Oregon Notre Dame Oklahoma
12 Oklahoma Michigan St. Georgia Arizona
13 Alabama Arizona St. TCU Texas A&M
14 Ohio State UCLA Oklahoma State Ohio St.
15 Oklahoma State Oklahoma Stanford TCU
16 East Carolina Texas A&M Arizona Oklahoma St.
17 Arizona State East Carolina Clemson UCLA
18 Texas A&M Oklahoma St. Kansas State Missouri
19 UCLA Nebraska USC Kansas St.
20 Marshall Ohio St. UCLA East Carolina
21 Kansas State Missouri Ohio State Marshall
22 Georgia Tech Utah Nebraska Stanford
23 Utah Marshall East Carolina Nebraska
24 Missouri Kansas St. LSU Georgia Tech
25 Nebraska USC Arizona State Arizona St.


There were a boatload of losers across the board. Allow me to list them off: Oregon, Oklahoma, Alabama, Texas A&M, Stanford, Wisconsin, UCLA, LSU, USC, BYU, and Nebraska. Just on our list alone. The Mississippi schools had big wins and rocketed up, along with TCU with their win over Oklahoma.

The bottom of the rankings is also a mess now, with teams like Utah and Georgia Tech jumping into the ranks. The final spots (Stanford for example) were determined off of one high vote. Some of the lower teams were mentioned across every poll, but did not gather enough total points to climb up.