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Victor Bolden Working His Way Back

Victor Bolden's contributions increased as the game went along against Colorado.
Victor Bolden's contributions increased as the game went along against Colorado.
(Photo by Andy Wooldridge)

Oregon St. wide receiver Victor Bolden continued to work his way back from the finger injury suffered against San Diego St. that cost him a game and a half as the Beavers returned to practice, just as he did in Saturday's 36-31 win at Colorado.

There was a pain-inducing collision that prompted Bolden to slam his helmet down, but then a renewed focus and improvement as the day went along.

So was it Saturday, when Bolden dropped the first pass Sean Mannion threw to him, and he had only 1 catch by halftime.

But 5 second half grabs and a key fly sweep on the drive that culminated in Terron Ward's touchdown that would ultimately prove to provide the game winning difference followed, validating several players' assessment that Bolden's presence alone was a major factor in Oregon St.'s win, though his production in the clutch certainly helped too.

"He should be much better by the time we play Utah," head coach Mike Riley felt, "but the way he stepped up (against Colorado) was a big deal. He could have easily opted out of that game, but he didn't. Instead, he made a special effort to get ready for the game, and then to play."

Oregon St. took Monday off from practice, returning to the field today. with former Beaver great and current New Orleans Saint Brandin Cooks and notable alum Brandon Hardin both looking on, and will practice again tomorrow and Thursday of the Beavers' bye week. The team will take Friday off as the coaches go watch Friday night football games for recruiting and evaluations, but return to the practice field Saturday.

LB Jabral Johnson missed practice Tuesday with a toe injury, while left tackle Gavin Andrews, who mildly sprained an ankle in the Colorado game, worked with trainers on the sideline rather than participate in 11 on 11 drills.

Nickel safety Justin Strong also worked only on the side, after experiencing a possible concussion against the Buffs, while WR Richard Mullaney ran early on, but took off his shoulder pads part way through practice.

None are expected to miss extended time though, and like Bolden, should benefit from the extra time and be ready to go against Utah a week from Thursday.

One player who apparently won't though, is Isaac Seumalo, and with the season reaching the half-way mark after the visit from the Utes, its becoming a distinct possibility that Seumalo will miss the entire season as a result of his broken foot, which still hasn't healed properly.

Otherwise, it should be essentially all hands available when the Utes arrive.