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BTD Top 25 Poll - Week 1

In lieu of the SB Nation top 25 poll which is not going to happen this year, Building the Dam has started a top 25 poll for the season. Come check our opinions and tell us where we're wrong.

Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide are the unanimous number 1.
Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide are the unanimous number 1.
Dave Martin

Consensus Poll

1 Alabama
2 Ohio State
3 Oregon
4 Clemson
5 South Carolina
6 Stanford
8 Louisville
9 Oklahoma State
10 Florida State
T-11 Georgia
T-11 Florida
13 Texas A&M
14 Oklahoma
15 Michigan
16 Notre Dame
17 Washington
18 Texas
T-20 Northwestern
T-20 USC
22 Wisconsin
23 Ole Miss
24 TCU
25 Arizona St.

Individual Polls

BeaverBeliever12 Connor Andy Sahr Rvm
1 Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama
2 Ohio State Clemson Ohio St. Oregon Ohio St.
3 Clemson South Carolina Louisville Ohio State Oregon
4 Oregon LSU Oregon Texas A&M Clemson
5 Stanford Ohio State Clemson South Carolina South Carolina
6 South Carolina Oregon South Carolina Clemson Texas A&M
7 Louisville Oklahoma State Stanford Stanford Louisville
8 LSU Stanford Oklahoma St. LSU Stanford
9 Georgia Mississippi LSU Florida State LSU
10 Florida State Washington Georgia Florida Georgia
11 Oklahoma State Louisville Florida Georgia Florida
12 Texas A&M Florida State Florida St. Louisville Florida St.
13 Florida Wisconsin Texas Michigan Oklahoma St.
14 Oklahoma Florida Texas A&M Oklahoma Texas
15 Texas USC Michigan Oklahoma State Michigan
16 Notre Dame Oklahoma Oklahoma Washington UCLA
17 Michigan Notre Dame Notre Dame Notre Dame Notre Dame
18 UCLA Arizona State UCLA Wisconsin Oklahoma
19 Washington Georgia Nebraska Texas Washington
20 Arizona State Michigan TCU Northwestern Wisconsin
21 Northwestern Cincinnati Northwestern UCLA USC
22 Wisconsin Northern Illinois Washington TCU Northwestern
23 Baylor Northwestern Northern Illinois Miami (FL) TCU
24 TCU Nebraska Wisconsin Nebraska Nebraska
25 USC Eastern Washington USC Cincinnati Minnesota/Cincinnati

The individual polls were combined by assigning point values to each position, starting at 25 for 1 and descending from there. It seemed to be the only fair way to do it with some of the different teams that appeared in the various polls.

Each poll had a different sort of criteria, for example my choices are mostly about how good I believe each team is with an eye on current events. Connor's poll is based more on current events and follows who played best this week.

There are similarities across each poll namely Alabama, Ohio State, and Oregon staying at the top of the poll. Clemson's win against Georgia counted in many of the polls, moving them towards the top while Georgia dropped a few spots, except for in Connor's poll where they were brutally dropped to 19. Texas A&M also was a cause for discourse, where they failed to impress against Rice, where Connor even dropped them out of the rankings.

Washington shot into the rankings with the demolishing of Boise State who did not remain ranked in any of the polls. Ole Miss joined the rankings purely from Connor alone after their close victory against Vanderbilt, and maybe did deserve more respect across the board, but they will have to prove it again next week. Nebraska fell after struggling against Wyoming as well, where another of Bo Pelini's teams have failed to produce at their expected level.

Cincinnati is another team that has made it onto several lists as well. Minnesota also made it and Eastern Washington climbed their way to a point after upsetting the Beavs.

Overall the majority of the teams are still within a couple spots of each other across each rankings. Washington and Clemson were significant climbers, and the only drops were minor for Texas A&M, Georgia, TCU, and Nebraska.