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The Dam Links 9/3/2013: Ugh

It's Gary Payton Week on NBA TV, post-weekend reactions, looking ahead, a little bit on Hawaii, Beavers cut from the NFL, and more

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Oh no, we suck again!

4 days until kickoff vs. Hawaii.

Your Hawaii factoid of the day: Oregon State and Hawaii have played eight times, but only once in Corvallis. That was the last meeting, in 2008. OSU has an all time 5-3 lead in the series.

I'm skipping the recaps of the game, pretty sure you've read them by now, and I don't particularly feel the beat that dead horse. To sum it up: Offense Good, Defense Abysmal.

Notes from Riley's Sunday night press conference. He said "I have a lot of faith in this team." The Portland Tribune reports that Mike Riley hasn't lost faith in Mark Banker. That's probably wise, because it's only one game, and I think it's too early to be completely condemning the guy, but nothing about the defense looked good last weekend.

Rashaad Reynolds gave an inspirational speech after 2011's 3-9 finish. Hopefully, he can do it again, and they can repair some of the damage.

Ken Goe of the Oregonian paraphrases what we were all thinking, which was "That sucked." He also suggests that Oregon State needs to shake it off.

If it makes anyone feel any better, Eastern Washington jumped up two spots to #2 in the new FCS poll. Eastern Washington is admittedly a very good FCS team, and their QB is an amazing player. But still.... All in all, the FCS had a good weekend.

The Gazette-Times agrees that the Beavers have to look forward rather than backwards.

On the plus side for football, the offense performed well. Connor Hamlett in particular was a pleasant surprise.

John Canzano has some typically fire-fanning words for Beaver Nation.

Lindsey Schnell of the Oregonian / Oregon Live has a sneak peek of Hawaii. The good news is that Hawaii's QB is a pocket passer, and not a Vernon Adams clone.

ESPN's Pac-12 blog does bowl projections every week. Guess who is not listed on this week's version?

Four different Beavers were cut this weekend by NFL teams: James Rodgers, Brandon Hardin, Cameron Collins, and Mike Remmers. Hopefully, some of them will get re-signed to practice squads. Mike Remmers' biggest contribution for the Buccaneers was probably being the meat in this sack sandwich.

You may have heard that Gary Payton was elected to the basketball hall of fame; his induction ceremony is this Sunday the 8th at 11am PT, airing on NBA TV. NBA TV is also airing a special on The Glove, called "Looking Back at Gary Payton" Tuesday at 4pm PT. Finally, the network is going to replay a number of his greatest games throughout the week:

· Jazz vs. SuperSonics (1993 Playoffs -1st round / Game 5)
· SuperSonics vs. Kings (1996 Playoffs – 1st round / Game 4)
· Jazz vs. SuperSonics (2000 Playoffs – 1st round / Game 4) has a lot more about Gary Payton on their Hall of Fame page.

It's really too bad the timing on this. Payton is probably the best Beaver basketball player of all time, and certain deserves all the accolades he has received. However, the whole thing has been overshadowed by the start of football season. Had they done this three weeks ago, it would have gotten far more coverage than it is now. And to air the induction ceremony air during the very first slate of NFL regular season games seems like particularly poor timing.

There was at least one Oregon State team that played defense this weekend; OSU men's soccer beat Cleveland State 3-0 on Friday, and on Sunday, shut out UC Davis 2-0 at home. The women's soccer team tied Wisconsin 1-1.

The Beavers weren't the only team playing terrible defense against FCS teams this weekend. Of course, Boston College actually won their game.

Leave any additional links in the comments, and vote in the poll below. I'll be curious to see how it compares to previous polls about season predictions. I'm guessing the answer will be "Outlook not so good."