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BTD Top 25 - Pitchforks Point Down

There was very little movement in the top 25 with the majority of them playing cupcakes, but Arizona State was the one team to suffer a defeat and suffered for that loss.

Kevin Hogan knows where the camera is.
Kevin Hogan knows where the camera is.
Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Consensus Poll:

1 Alabama
2 Oregon
3 Clemson
4 Ohio State
5 Stanford
7 Louisville
8 Florida State
9 Oklahoma State
10 Georgia
11 South Carolina
12 Texas A&M
13 Washington
T-14 Oklahoma
16 Miami
17 Northwestern
18 Michigan
19 Ole Miss
20 Wisconsin
21 Florida
22 Notre Dame
23 Baylor
24 Northern Illinois
25 Arizona State

Individual Polls:

BeaverBeliever12 Connor Andy Sahr RVM
1 Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama
2 Oregon Clemson Oregon Oregon Oregon
3 Clemson Oregon Ohio St. Ohio State Clemson
4 Ohio St Ohio State Louisville Clemson Ohio St.
5 Stanford LSU Clemson Stanford LSU
6 Louisville Stanford Stanford LSU Florida St.
7 Georgia Mississippi LSU Florida State Stanford
8 LSU Oklahoma State Oklahoma St. Texas A&M Louisville
9 South Carolina Washington Florida St. Georgia Oklahoma St.
10 Florida State Louisville Texas A&M Louisville Texas A&M
11 Oklahoma State Florida State UCLA South Carolina Georgia
12 Oklahoma Georgia Georgia Oklahoma State Miami, FL
13 UCLA Oklahoma Michigan UCLA UCLA
14 Washington South Carolina South Carolina Oklahoma South Carolina
15 Miami Michigan Northwestern Washington Northwestern
16 Northwestern Wisconsin Oklahoma St. Miami (FL) Washington
17 Texas A&M Northern Illinois Miami Michigan Baylor
18 Arizona State Northwestern Washington Baylor Oklahoma
19 Florida Miami (Florida) Northern Illinois Wisconsin Michigan
20 Notre Dame Florida Notre Dame Notre Dame Mississippi
21 Wisconsin Arizona State Mississippi Northwestern Wisconsin
22 Baylor Notre Dame Florida Florida Florida
23 Ole Miss UCLA Baylor Mississippi Texas Tech
24 Michigan USC Fresno St. Texas Tech Notre Dame
25 Northern Illinois Nebraska Texas Tech Maryland Minnesota/Fresno St.


For the final week before conference play will kickoff there were no quality matchups except for Stanford versus Arizona State where the Sun Devils were beat down, although they did make a run at the end. The loss did show in the rankings where they fell to the very edge of the top 25. I felt that they played a good team and did not really drop them much, but everybody else felt that they should fall much further. Stanford flipped back above LSU as well as a result of the victory.

The only other major shift was Michigan falling to 18 after being tied for 12 last week after another poor performance against a poor team, this time against UCONN. They have failed to execute against lesser opponents since beating Notre Dame. It should also be noted that their quarterback, Devin Gardner, leads the nation in interceptions with 8. At some point their issues will end up costing them.

There was some strange movement in the middle of the rankings, between Texas A&M, Washington, Oklahoma, and UCLA are all within 2 points of each other, with Miami only a couple points away as well. There will be more separation next week when all the teams face real opponents.