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BTD Top 25: Week 3

The Building the Dam poll continues and has come even closer to a consensus.

UCLA ran away with it against Nebraska, knocking the Huskers out of the top 25.
UCLA ran away with it against Nebraska, knocking the Huskers out of the top 25.
Eric Francis

Overall Poll:

1 Alabama
2 Oregon
T-3 Clemson
T-3 Ohio State
6 Stanford
7 Louisville
8 Florida State
9 Oklahoma State
10 Georgia
11 South Carolina
T-12 Oklahoma
T-12 Texas A&M
T-12 Michigan
16 Washington
17 Miami
18 Northwestern
19 Arizona State
20 Ole Miss
21 Notre Dame
22 Florida
23 Wisconsin
24 Northern Illinois
25 Baylor

Individual Polls:

BeaverBeliever12 Connor Andy Sahr RVM
1 Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama
2 Oregon Clemson Ohio St. Oregon Oregon
3 Clemson Oregon Oregon Ohio State Clemson
4 Ohio St Ohio State Louisville Clemson Ohio St.
5 Louisville LSU Clemson LSU LSU
6 Georgia Stanford Stanford Stanford Florida St.
7 LSU Mississippi Oklahoma St. Florida State Louisville
8 Stanford Oklahoma State LSU Texas A&M Stanford
9 South Carolina Washington Florida St. Georgia Oklahoma St.
10 Florida State Louisville Texas A&M Oklahoma State Texas A&M
11 Oklahoma State Florida State Michigan Michigan Georgia
12 Oklahoma Georgia Georgia Louisville Miami, FL
13 UCLA Oklahoma UCLA South Carolina UCLA
14 Washington South Carolina South Carolina Oklahoma South Carolina
15 Miami Michigan Oklahoma UCLA Northwestern
16 Northwestern Arizona State Northwestern Washington Michigan
17 Arizona State Wisconsin Miami Miami (FL) Washington
18 Texas A&M Northern Illinois Washington Florida Oklahoma
19 Michigan Northwestern Northern Illinois Northwestern Baylor
20 Florida Miami (Florida) Notre Dame Notre Dame Notre Dame
21 Notre Dame Florida Arizona St. Arizona State Arizona St
22 Wisconsin Notre Dame Mississippi Wisconsin Wisconsin
23 Baylor UCLA Florida Mississippi Florida
24 Ole Miss USC Baylor Baylor Mississippi
25 Northern Illinois Nebraska Fresno St. Texas Tech Minnesota/Texas Tech


UCLA was a winner on the day, demolishing Nebraska moving up in most polls, but staying down in Connor's poll holding them at 15 in the overall poll. Nebraska dropped out in every poll except Connor's as well as a result of their destruction, and with cursegate starting with Bo Pelini things are looking bleak for Nebraska to return to the top 25.

Stanford's struggles against Army cost them a spot and Arizona State jumped a few spots after their close victory over Wisconsin, who also fell as a result. In my poll I kept Wisconsin where they were, with their loss to Arizona State coming partially on a strange play with the officiating and a weird centering of the ball. The rest of the voters felt a little more harsh about it though, and Bucky and the Badgers fell to number 23.

Ole Miss ended up at 20, with several votes in the 20s but still had one vote in the top 10 that pulled them all the way up.

As a whole the rankings were mostly static though with some small shifts with Texas A&M barely falling after the loss to Alabama and Michigan's close call against Akron. Those results ended up producing some single spot moves but by and large there were no major shakeups in the poll, with the the exceptions of the moves for UCLA, Arizona State, Wisconsin, and Nebraska.

Baylor and Northern Illinois made their first appearances on the top 25, after being on the cusp for the last two weeks. TCU was knocked out and so was Nebraska as was noted above.