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BTD TOP 25 - Week 2

The Building the Dam poll continues in week 3, with even more agreement than last week!

Miami took out the Gators and were the week's big winners as a result.
Miami took out the Gators and were the week's big winners as a result.
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Consenus Poll:

1 Alabama
2 Oregon
3 Ohio State
4 Clemson
5 Stanford
7 Louisville
T-8 Florida State
T-8 Oklahoma State
10 Georgia
11 Texas A&M
12 Michigan
13 South Carolina
14 Oklahoma
15 Washington
16 Miami (FL)
17 Wisconsin
18 Northwestern
20 Nebraska
21 Florida
22 Arizona State
T-23 Notre Dame
T-23 Mississippi
25 TCU

Individual Polls:

BeaverBeliever12 Connor Andy Sahr RVM
1 Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama
2 Oregon Clemson Ohio St. Oregon Oregon
3 Ohio St Oregon Louisville Ohio State Clemson
4 Clemson Ohio State Oregon Clemson Ohio St.
5 Stanford LSU Clemson Texas A&M LSU
6 Louisville Stanford Stanford Stanford Texas A&M
7 Georgia Oklahoma State Oklahoma St. LSU Louisville
8 LSU Mississippi LSU Florida State Stanford
9 South Carolina Louisville Florida St. Georgia Florida St.
10 Florida State Washington Texas A&M Michigan Oklahoma St.
11 Oklahoma State Wisconsin Michigan Louisville Georgia
12 Texas A&M Florida State Georgia South Carolina Michigan
13 Oklahoma Georgia South Carolina Oklahoma State Miami, FL
14 Michigan Oklahoma Oklahoma Washington Wisconsin
15 UCLA South Carolina UCLA Oklahoma South Carolina
16 Washington Michigan Northwestern Miami (FL) Northwestern
17 Arizona State Arizona State Miami Florida UCLA
18 Miami Northern Illinois Nebraska Wisconsin Washington
19 Northwestern Northwestern TCU Northwestern Baylor
20 Florida Miami (Florida) Washington UCLA Oklahoma
21 Notre Dame Nebraska Northern Illinois Nebraska Nebraska
22 Wisconsin Florida Notre Dame TCU TCU
23 Baylor Notre Dame Wisconsin Notre Dame Notre Dame
24 TCU UCLA Arizona St. Baylor Florida
25 Nebraska USC Baylor Arizona Minnesota/BYU


As a group we are very fond of Pac 12 teams, both Connor and I had Arizona State all the way at 17, even though there has only been one game where they took care of business against Sac St, and their real tests will happen in the weeks to come, starting with Wisconsin this week. UCLA is spread across our ballots as well, similar to ASU they will also be tested for the first real time against Nebraska this weekend. Oregon and Stanford are obvious mainstays at the top, with Oregon moving up to number 2 after decimating Virginia. USC somehow garnered a vote as well after turning in a horrifying offensive performance against Washington State. Arizona got a vote as well after handling UNLV last week.

There was a considerable amount of agreement at the top of the rankings, where each team is shifted around but still remains in the top of the rankings. Oregon moved up, with Ohio State not being super impressive except in Connor's poll where Clemson's win against Georgia in week 1 still seems to have some effect.

The two major surprising votes were Connor's votes to rank Ole Miss way up in his poll and his lack of Texas A&M. Ole Miss probably garners more respect, but have not made their way onto many ballots including mine. Texas A&M has failed much of the eye test so far, but they have still won. We will see about the Aggies when they battle against the Crimson Tide.

There was a major disagreement about Wisconsin with a maximum range of 12 places. They have not proven much yet and there is not as much familiarity with them as there is for Pac12 teams so that might be part of that.

Georgia was largely held in place after their big victory against South Carolina who took a tumble down the standings, but with everyone else winning in front of them it is hard to fault the lack of movement.

Miami jumped up in the standings after being on the bubble last week, but beating Florida vaulted them to number 16, and Florida fell to 21 as a result of the game. Texas was also bulldozed by BYU and as a result dropped straight out of the rankings and fired their defensive coordinator to boot.

Big Risers: Miami (FL)

Big Drops: South Carolina, Notre Dame, Texas, USC