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Pads And Water Balloons Appear At Oregon St.

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It was the first day in full pads for the Beavers as Oregon St. prepares for the 2013 football season, and it was also a warm, humid day, so practice ended with one of the late summer traditions in Corvallis; the water balloon fight.

Here's another look at the balloon battle:

The largest crowd of the season turned out to watch, but it might have been the post-practice barbecue, and not seeing the Beavers going after each other in full pads that brought them out; food is always a good draw!

Visiting Pac-12 Network football analyst (and former Beaver foe) Rick Neuheisel even got in on the fun.

WR Kevin Cummings missed the collision portion of the action again today, still nursing a sore right hamstring, and so did CB Rashaad Reynolds. Safety Steven Christian is still not ready for contact either, but most of the squad seemed eager for action; so much so that a couple of swinging scrums broke out along the way.

Sean Mannion was the sharpest of the quarterbacks for the most part, though Cody Vaz probably won't actually have one interception he threw held against him. Safety Peter Murphy seems to be becoming the designated interceptor for Vaz, and he apparently enjoyed doing so yesterday enough that on a throw-away after a play broke down, Murphy decided to dart in from the sideline (he wasn't in with the unit taking that particular snap) and snag the interception.

Even given that every Oregon St. game this season will be worked by either Mt. West or Pac-12 officiating crews, its more likely than not that Murphy's "12th man pick" would be disallowed.

One of the most interesting experiments of the day came from the defense, as DE Dylan Wynn moved to the DT position next to DE Scott Crichton. A full, 3 LB blitz was unleashed at one point as well. (It should be noted that both experiments ended with a lot of defenders running a very long ways in pursuit of RB Storm Woods the first time they were tried.)

The second full-pads practice of the pre-season will occur tomorrow, which will be the first of a series of every-other-day doubles, scheduled for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of next week as well, followed by a 6:30 PM session, before the Beavers take Sunday off.