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The Dam Links 8/7/2013

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Reports from the first days of camp, D-line concerns, Jordan Poyer and Markus Wheaton updates, and more

Steve Dykes

24 days until kickoff vs. Eastern Washington ....

Your EWA factoid: EWU's Forensic Chemistry degree program makes use of an on-campus crime laboratory, built in 2004. The lab serves of all of Washington state east of the Cascade Mountains, and has teaching and training facilities.

Ted Miller continued his positional review series with punters. With junior Keith Kostol returning, Oregon State is in "Great Shape," and is only exceeded by, oddly enough, Colorado in that category. Only two other schools (WSU and Cal) are in good shape. All other eight schools are in "We'll See" territory. This is unlikely to be the Year of the Punter in the Pac-12.

The Oregonian/O-Live has a new Beavers beat reporter, Connor Letourneau. He reports from Monday's camp that the starting middle linebacker position is Joel Skotte's job to lose. He also acknowledges that while OSU's starting lineup has a lot of returnees, their depth is a key area of concern. He also recaps Oregon State's recent contrast between prognostication and performance.

Connor and Lindsey Schnell did a video report summing up the first day, and the Oregonian's youth movement has never been more apparent. Nothing against the new guys, but I do miss the familiarity of Hunt & Buker. We fear change.

Kevin Hampton of the Gazette-Times notes that everyone feels good about the first day of practice. Steve Gress has a similar article, but calls special attention to the offseason work ethic. Kyle Peko and Charlie Tuaau, two JuCo defensive tackles, are still waiting for academic clearance. Here's the key statement:

Riley is not sure how fast the process will be or if one or both of the players will be cleared to play. "They're out there in that never-never land. We don't know for sure." Riley said. "We're hoping for the best."

Considering these two were supposed to provide depth behind Edwin Delva and Siale Hautau (or even compete for the starting position), this is an area that is worth keeping an eye on. For me, at least, this is the single most worrisome thing about the team.

Both Storm Woods and Brandin Cooks spoke after the first day of practice.

Another report of the first day of practice from the AP, courtesy of the News Tribune.

ESPN counts down their Preseason Power rankings, and has Oregon State at 23, one spot ahead of USC. UCLA comes in at 19, that's all for the Pac-12 teams, although as of publication of this article, they had not released #1-15, so presumably we'll still see Stanford and Oregon.

I missed this article last week, but here's a few prognostications about Jordan Poyer's future with the Eagles. They also mention the missed training camps that OSU's late class schedule has caused that we discussed a week or so ago with Marcus Wheaton. The Eagles' official website had a video interview with Poyer in their Rookie Spotlight feature.

Speaking of Marcus Wheaton, the Pittsburgh Tribune has a feature on him, and makes special notice that the class-caused delay doesn't seem to be holding him up.

Jordan Raanan of Xfinity Sports ranks the Top 32 NFL running backs. Steven Jackson doesn't show up until #24. Seems low to me, but I think he's projecting and assuming he'll lose another step this year with age. We'll see.

The mens' basketball team has hired a new director of player personnel.

Lindsey Snell has an interview with Dylan Davis, talking about a variety of subjects. His summer team, the Falmouth Commodores, finished tied for the west division title, and started the playoffs with a win on Tuesday night. The first round of the playoffs is a best-of-three and there is a game Wednesday, and a rubber game (if necessary) Thursday. All eight teams appear to make the playoffs in the Cape Cod League, so there are up to three rounds.

OSU Baseball is also holding fall clinics for high school age baseball players.

Oregon State's student newspaper, the Daily Barometer, has an interview with womens' basketball star Jamie Weisner on her playing experiences overseas.

For our short today, let's go back to 2000 and watch the longest run of the day in OSU's first win over USC in 32 years. If I recall correctly, this run went for more yardage than the entire Trojan team had on the day.

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