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The Dam Links 8/14/2013

Pac-12 Blog Best Case/Worst Case, practice updates, Larry Scott declares war on Direct TV, Illegal Participation podcast, and more

Shots fired.  Bridges burned?
Shots fired. Bridges burned?
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

17 days to kickoff vs. Eastern Washington...

EWU Factoid: EWU's first year playing football was 1901. In the early days of Eastern Washington University, there weren't a lot of teams to play in the Palouse, so they ended up playing a lot of high school teams. Their most frequent opponent in those early years was Spokane High School, who they amassed a 2-4-1 all time record against in games between 1901 and 1904.

Ted Miller of the ESPN Pac-12 blog gets to Oregon State for the best case/worst case scenario. These things are pure fantasy, with a lot of good humor and general fun. Highly recommended.

Ted also recaps his positional reviews. Oregon State ranks 4th by his system; they're the only school without a single "We'll see" category, although he notes that if the defensive line was broken up into ends and tackles, they certainly would have gotten a "Great Shape" and "We'll See" in those categories.

The Sporting News calls out one key stat for each Pac-12 school. Their number for Oregon State is 5. I'll let you guess (or click) to figure out what the stat is.

College Football News ranks the best players at every position. Scott Crichton is ranked as the #4 DE in the country, the only Beaver in the top five at any position. Brandin Cooks comes in at #12 at Wide Receiver. Isaac Semualo is #23 at Center. Trevor Romaine shows up at #9 at kicker. They also rank OSU as the 28th best team.

Chris Dufresne (no relation to Andy) ranks Oregon State as the #19 team in the country, which is about as high as I've seen them.

The Gazette-Times takes a look at senior offensive guard Grant Enger. Kevin Hampton also takes a look at the Defensive Line and two guys the Beavers really need to step up -- Edwin Selva and Siale Hautau.

Connor Letourneau's practice notes from Monday; Kevin Cummings is now back from injury, but Malik Gilmore could still see a lot of time at slotback. A handful of Beavers sat out due to bumps & bruises, but the only one who might mess extended time is tight end Will Hopkins, who has a toe that "looks horrible," according to Riley. Hopkins seems almost sure to redshirt at this point. There's likely to be three or four true freshmen that aren't going to redshirt this year. Dashon Hunt seems like a good bet to be one, I'll be curious who the others are.

More Letourneau: Steven Nelson takes aim at a starting cornerback position. Rick Neuheisel of the Pac-12 Network (and the coach of the 2000 Washington Huskies who took #5 on the list) stopped by the OSU practice last week, and Letourneau interviews him about his thoughts.

O-Live's Lindsey Schnell asks why Brandin Cooks is always open. I hope it's because he's really, really good and not because our secondary sucks without Jordan Poyer. She also reports that the first scrimmage of the fall is tentatively scheduled for Thursday.

The Oregonian's video of Mike Riley being interviewed from after Monday's workout.

Oregon St. also has a video out from practice to get you in the mood for some hitting:

The Steelers Depot has a piece on Markus Wheaton.

Jack Follman of Pacific Takes predicts the final standings of the Pac-12 season, and has the Beavers at 8-4 (5-4 in conference), and projects the Pac-12 bowl lineup, putting us in the Vegas Bowl against Boise State.

Ryan Nall, the Central Catholic fullback and linebacker who committed to the Beavers last week, said Oregon State's offer was too good to pass up. Of course, it was the only FBS offer, although a couple of other schools were considering offering.

We're #1! We're #1! Athlon made a list of the best and worst logos amongst the BCS conferences, and Oregon State is #1....on the worst list. Washington, Stanford, UCLA and Colorado all made the best list. I really think the U of O logo is better than those, I'm surprised to not see it up there. I also like ASU's new Electric Trident better than most of those, but I realize I'm in the minority on that one.

ESPN has a Summer Shootaround for Pac-12 basketball. Eamonn Brennan's best case puts OSU in the NCAA tournament (which while maybe unrealistic, certainly seems like the best case), and his worst case is nebulous, but I would have to assume it's basically a repeat of the 0-18 season. Andy Katz points at Angus Brandt for his most important player, and suggests that the length of Collier and Moreland's suspensions is a Top 5 Pac-12 story.

The guys I tailgate with take it very seriously. The Heinrich Tailgater has a full grill and tailgate each game day starting at 7am, regardless of game time start. It's quite the set up. They tailor the menu to each opponent, featuring something local to the region the opponent comes from. Their Arizona-related tailgaters are particularly delightful and zesty. They also have a podcast called Illegal Participation, which I find entertaining and at least worth a listen for at least the first two minutes of Mike Parker-called Beaver radio highlights. He intersperses Beaver news with music, riffs on what the Evil Empire is doing now, listener e-mails, and random facts about upcoming opponents. If you end up in the area on game day, I can often be found drinking before hand, watching the satellite TV of the earlier games. Drop by and say "Hi." Past podcasts can be found on iTunes here.

OSU football season tickets arrived in the mail today. I don't actually have a link for this, but I'd share this re-enactment of me when I got home from work Monday.


I've been told I look a lot like Ed Helms, so it's at least reasonably accurate.

Volleyball season tickets go on sale today.

The new OSU Beaver Store on campus opened yesterday, although the "Grand Opening" isn't for a few weeks. It's no longer on the east side of the Memorial Union, it's now on the ground floor of the parking garage directly across the street from Gill Coliseum and Parker Plaza.

The Pac-12 is taking a very aggressive anti-Direct TV campaign, going so far as to post a link on the Pac-12 home page to switch from Direct TV to a Pac-12 Network carrying affiliate. Larry Scott, what is best in life? To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women.

I would like to say that the tag line for the link on the OSU official Facebook page, "What kind of Beavers do you want to watch?" probably could have used a little more internal review by someone's sixth grader.