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Some Things Transcend The Rivalry

Everyone that frequents this or any of the web sites that cover the Pac-12 are well aware of the rivalries in this conference, and the Oregon-Oregon St. "Civil War" can get as heated as any. We are sure to see another episode of the divisions between the Black and Orange and the Green and Yellow (all shades of both) in just over another week, when the Beavers and Ducks hook up in the series that will probably determine the Pac-12 baseball championship, and possibly earn one of the teams a National Seed, and cost the other one.

And so some people normally can't stand to cross over the line, even an e-line to the web sites that cover rivals.

There are times when an exception is warranted for even the most diehard of fans, though, and this is one of them.

The folks over at Addicted To Quack do an annual awareness campaign and fundraiser in support of Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI), or Brittle Bone Disease.

It started as things like this usually do, because a member of their staff and community had a child struck with this terrible disease. It's also worth remembering that any one of us or some one we know could be struck next, and without warning.

There's some neat stuff, and even a great piece of Civil War memorabilia up for auction, but even if the bidding goes way beyond your budget, any amount, or even any incidence of heightened awareness, will help and be appreciated.

So take a moment and check it out.

Because some things unite even Beavers, and Ducks, Bruins, Cougs, and others, for that matter, with Ducks.