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Oregon St. Rocks As They Wrap Up First Week Of Spring Practice

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Oregon St. coach Mike Riley livened up spring football practice with the services of "DJ Cloud N9ne".
Oregon St. coach Mike Riley livened up spring football practice with the services of "DJ Cloud N9ne".

Oregon St. head football Coach Mike Riley brought in "djcloud_n9ne" to spin a mix of player favorites as the Beavers wrapped up the first week of spring football. Riley even helped out at the console. [Sort of.] At least it had his troops in a good mood as they continued to run through a variety of plays.

A busy schedule cut into the amount of practice I was able to evaluate today, but my pick for the player who made the most progress from the first full-gear, full-speed practice to today was sophomore MLB Joel Skotte. Skotte was slow to react to a number of plays yesterday, but was clearly observing and absorbing a lot. And there's a lot to assimilate in a Pac-12 offense for a middle linebacker. Today, his reads were quicker, and they were correct a lot of the time.

The trend of the early practices seems to be that Storm Woods will make a jaw-dropping play a day. Today it was a catch on a deep sideline route that was deeper than Oregon St. has sent a running back in a long time. It also showcased a combination of touch and strength by Sean Mannion on the throw.

Terron Ward had another good day as well. On a number of plays it takes a double take to see which back is running the play.

The concern of the day would have to be several dropped passes. Cody Vaz's completion percentage in particular suffered despite balls hitting receivers right in the hands. Route running seems to be reasonably sound, but making more catches is going to be the priority for next week. It would certainly help calm down wide receivers coach Brent Brennan, who is all over the assortment of candidates to compliment Brandin Cooks come fall time.

Wrapping things up, the interesting play of the week was a reverse off a fly sweep, with Cooks flipping the ball to Obum Gwacham. The combination of guard Josh Andrews, tight end Tyler Perry, and even Mannion, coming around the corner all in front of Gwacham makes the average safety seem pretty small.

Practice continues Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday of next week, with the public welcome to watch.