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Beavs Beat Bobcats in Game 2

On a wonderfully sunny day in Corvallis the Beavers continue their unbeaten season, moving to 14-0 after another victory over the Texas State Bobcats.

Jake Rodriguez had a good day going 3 for 4 with two RBIs, pictured here against Bryant.
Jake Rodriguez had a good day going 3 for 4 with two RBIs, pictured here against Bryant.
Andy Wooldridge

The Beavers starter for this game was Andrew Moore, winner of his previous three starts and he earned his fourth win this afternoon. He started off with an unearned run in the first though, where a runner advanced all the way to third after two passed balls. The Beavs would not answer until the 4th inning but then they drove in three runs which was all started by a triple by Tyler Smith (who is on an 8 game hitting streak) which was just off the glove of the Bobcat center fielder. Michael Conforto would follow with a RBI single. Kavin Keyes would later bring home Conforto with a single that would just escape a sliding effort by the Bobcat left fielder, and the last run of the inning was brought home by Jake Rodriguez hitting to almost the same spot that Keyes did.

The Beavs brought home another run after getting Max Gordon and Dylan David aboard, this time with the bat of Danny Hayes and with some help from the Texas State defense which gave up a fielding error for Hayes to get on base, then in the effort to get him out threw the ball past the first baseman allowing Gordon to come home, either showboating or tripping to get to the plate (I was honestly confused if he was celebrating or not). After that part the Bobcats answered with two runs in the 6th inning. Moore had settled down after the first inning, but gave up a hit after one out in the 6th and the Bobcats continued to shellack him until he was pulled for Brandon Jackson who closed out the inning but not before the Bobcats added two runs.

He would close out the Bobcat hitting with the exception of one single in the top of the 9th inning. The Beavers would score two more runs, one in the 7th inning with an RBI single for Danny Hayes which was almost two with Conforto being thrown out at the plate, and Ryan Barnes would score in the 8th being brought in by Rodriguez, capping the 6-3 win.


Brandon Jackson earned a save and Andrew Moore earned the win, Texas State pitcher Taylor Black took the loss for the Bobcats.

Moore was in control for most of his outing today although he appeared to start losing command in the 6th and maybe should have been pulled a couple batters earlier but Casey gave him a chance to get himself out of his own mess, which he was unable to do. Jackson did a nice job on the mound as well though earning five strikeouts and only giving up one hit and no walks. Ben Wetzler should be manning the mound for Sunday's finale.

The attendance total was 2,927, close to the max capacity of 3,248, and the stands seemed as full as the numbers looked. The crowd was not especially raucous though as the game never really seemed to be in doubt, although heckling seemed to pick up towards the end of the game.

It's a great day to be a Beaver!