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Track Back On Track

The Oregon St. men's track program that is comprised of members of the football team didn't get on the track for the indoor season, as several who have participated in the past are focused on rehab and development this off season, but the Beavers did get outside yesterday, when freshman punter Ryan Cope accompanied the women's team to the Willamette Outdoor Opener, and competed in both hurdles events.

For those thinking kickers aren't athletes, forget that. Cope finished 6th in the 110 meter high hurdles, with a time of 16.18, and took third in the 400 meter hurdles, running a 58.05.

The women, by the way, won 6 of 9 events they had an entry in, and as a sign of the expansion of what was solely a program for distance runners from the Cross Country program, the wins included the high jump, long jump, shot, and discus, and the Beavers also took second in the triple jump. Having an actual T&F facility is quickly enabling previously untapped talent.