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Arkansas-Pine Bluff At Oregon St. Postponed Indefinitely

It's been a series of "Snow Days" at Oregon St.
It's been a series of "Snow Days" at Oregon St.

This weekend's men's basketball game between Arkansas-Pine Bluff and Oregon St. has been postponed indefinitely.

Originally scheduled for noon Saturday, the game was postponed until Sunday after a major snow storm struck Corvallis Friday morning, followed by record low temperatures.

The game was initially pushed off until 6 PM Sunday, but then quickly moved up to 2 PM Sunday, in an attempt to find a time with the best road conditions,

However, the weather in Texas is bad too, and Arkansas-Pine Bluff's flight from Dallas was cancelled. Initially, the Golden Lions hoped to get a flight out of Dallas Sunday morning, which led to the game being pushed back to 6 PM, to allow both flight and bus travel time.

Subsequently, the Sunday morning flight was also cancelled, and so the game has been postponed indefinitely.

Oregon St. and Arkansas-Pine Bluff athletic departments will work to try to reschedule the game later in the season.