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BTD Top 25 - Rolled Tide

Alabama was finally knocked off their perch with Florida State claiming the number one spot, but it was not unanimous.

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Consensus Poll:

1 Florida State 124
2 Ohio St 119
3 Auburn 113
4 Alabama 108
5 Oklahoma State 104
6 Missouri 95
7 Stanford 88
8 South Carolina 75
9 Baylor 71
10 Michigan State 69
11 Louisville 65
12 Oregon 63
13 Northern Illinois 61
T-14 LSU 59
T-14 Arizona State 59
16 Clemson 57
17 UCF 51
18 Oklahoma 44
19 Wisconsin 39
20 UCLA 34
21 Duke 26
22 Texas A&M 16
23 Fresno St. 14
T-24 Cincinnati 12
T-24 Texas 12

Individual Polls:

BeaverBeliever12 Connor Andy Sahr RVM
1 Florida State Ohio State Florida St. Florida State Florida St.
2 Ohio St Florida State Ohio St. Auburn Ohio St.
3 Oklahoma State Northern Illinois Auburn Alabama Auburn
4 Auburn Oklahoma State Alabama Ohio State Alabama
5 Alabama Auburn Northern Illinois Missouri Missouri
6 Louisville Alabama Missouri Oklahoma State Oklahoma St.
7 Northern Illinois South Carolina Oklahoma St. Baylor Michigan St.
8 LSU Stanford Stanford South Carolina Stanford
9 Stanford Missouri Baylor Stanford Baylor
10 Missouri Clemson Arizona St. Michigan State Northern Illinois
11 Clemson UCF Louisville LSU South Carolina
12 Wisconsin Wisconsin Oregon Clemson Arizona St.
13 Baylor Louisville Michigan St. Oregon Oregon
14 Oregon Michigan State South Carolina Texas A&M Louisville
15 South Carolina Oregon UCF Arizona State Oklahoma
16 Arizona State LSU Oklahoma Wisconsin UCLA
17 Michigan State Oklahoma UCLA Central Florida LSU
18 UCF Arizona State Fresno St. UCLA UCF
19 Oklahoma Duke LSU Oklahoma Clemson
20 Duke Miami (Florida) Duke Georgia Fresno St.
21 UCLA Baylor Clemson Louisville Duke
22 Cincinnati Iowa Cincinati Northern Illinois Cincinnati
23 Texas Notre Dame Texas Texas Texas
24 Texas A&M UCLA North Dakota St. Duke Texas A&M
25 Iowa Georgia Eastern Illinois Iowa Wisconsin


Alabama, Clemson, Wisconsin, Fresno State, and USC all lost and tumbled in the polls with the loss. Texas A&M was defeated by Mizzou, but there with other losses they managed to hold onto the same spot. On the winning sides, only Auburn got a big boost with their thrilling win over the Crimson Tide, and even in the BCS standings they are in position to move into the championship game with a win in the SEC championship game, and a loss by new number one Florida State or second ranked Ohio State.

Florida State and Ohio State are now in the national title game as well, if they can win their respective conference championships. With Auburn or Alabama waiting in the wings to pounce on a loss, may they both win and free everybody from more discussion about the SEC.

The SEC does lead in ranked teams with 6 teams, the Pac-12 and Big-12 are tied with 4, the ACC, Big-10, and American conference are tied with three and the MWC and MAC each have one. The SEC has four teams in the top 10 though, the Big 10 and ACC have the two current contenders, and the Pac-12 only has Stanford in the top 10. As much as there has been discussion about how deep the Pac-12 is, there still seems to be belief in the SEC as a conference. Alabama is clearly a good team, Auburn looks good as well, improving as the season has gone. I am much less impressed with the other SEC teams though. I was underwhelmed with Mizzou, South Carolina is fine but not a great team, LSU has played below their talent and Texas A&M has been on and off, but their defense is awful.

In the BCS standings there are two four loss teams, Georgia and Texas A&M and while they are right at the end of potential top 25 teams there are other deserving teams that should get a look, even though Iowa is 8-4 as well, they have won their last three games and their losses are all to currently ranked teams. The arguments can be made for Georgia and Texas A&M as borderline top 25 teams, but a belief in the SEC is likely skewing thoughts without conscious realization.