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Merry Christmas!

It's been another spectacular year, one that saw Beaver fans get a some very early presents when the baseball team won the Pac-12, and then advanced to the College World Series, and then got to witness Matt Boyd's 1-0 complete game shutout that moved the Beavers within 1 game of the the CWS finals.

It was disappointing that Oregon St. was denied a shot at eventual NCAA Champion UCLA, but it was still a memorable month of June.

Football season also wasn't all that it might have been, but it still resulted in a bowl bid, and a Hawaiian vacation, at least for the team, not a bad Christmas present in a year that saw the Beavers have to endure an epic running over by the rival Huskies, and then a last minute loss to the Ducks just when it seemed the Civil War losing streak might come to an end.

But there were some special nights, and the overtime win at midnight in Salt Lake City over Utah, the game ESPN chose as the best Pac-12 game of the year, followed by the late comeback win a week later in San Diego, were certainly some sweet gifts.

And a Christmas Eve Hawaii Bowl win over Boise St. was a very nice present to cap off the year.

But the best gift is always that we get to enjoy the sports we love, and enjoy each other's company, especially at the game, or associated tail-gater.

We at are especially thankful for our Beavers, and our good fortune of getting to follow them, and also for our friends in Beaver Nation. May peace and happiness, family and fellowship, and a happy holiday season be the gift to Beavers everywhere! (And even those dreaded Ducks and hated Huskies! At least for a day.)

Have a safe and happy holiday, and of course, the remainder of the holiday bowl season (Christmas eve through the National Championship Game are the best 2 weeks of the year!)!

Go Beavs!