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BTD Top 25 - The Final Countdown

We have reached bowl season, and this will be the last ranking until after the national championship game.

Florida State earned the right to play in for the title after smashing Duke in the ACC championship.
Florida State earned the right to play in for the title after smashing Duke in the ACC championship.
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Overall Poll:

1 Florida State 125
2 Auburn 120
3 Alabama 115
4 Ohio St 101
5 Stanford 99
6 Michigan State 97
7 Baylor 86
8 South Carolina 81
T-9 Oklahoma State 75
T-9 Missouri 75
11 Oklahoma 72
12 Clemson 68
13 UCF 64
T-14 Louisville 63
T-14 Oregon 63
T-16 Northern Illinois 45
T-16 LSU 45
18 Wisconsin 43
19 UCLA 39
20 Arizona State 31
21 Texas A&M 24
22 Fresno State 21
23 Iowa 15
24 Georgia 13
25 Duke 12

Individual Polls:

BeaverBeliever12 Connor Andy Sahr RVM
1 Florida State Florida State Florida St. Florida State Florida St.
2 Auburn Auburn Auburn Auburn Auburn
3 Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama
4 Stanford South Carolina Baylor Missouri Michigan St.
5 Ohio St Michigan State Stanford Baylor Ohio St.
6 Louisville Ohio State Michigan St. Ohio State Stanford
7 Oklahoma State Stanford Ohio St. Michigan State Baylor
8 Clemson Oklahoma Oregon South Carolina South Carolina
9 Oregon Oklahoma State Missouri Stanford Missouri
10 Baylor Clemson UCF LSU Oklahoma
11 Michigan State UCF Louisville Clemson Oklahoma St.
12 UCF Northern Illinois Oklahoma Oregon Oregon
13 LSU Wisconsin South Carolina Oklahoma Clemson
14 Wisconsin Louisville Oklahoma St. Oklahoma State Northern Illinois
15 Oklahoma Missouri UCLA Texas A&M Louisville
16 South Carolina Oregon Fresno St. Wisconsin UCF
17 UCLA Miami (Florida) Arizona St. Central Florida LSU
18 Missouri Baylor Northern Illinois Arizona State Arizona St.
19 Northern Illinois Iowa LSU UCLA UCLA
20 Texas A&M Notre Dame Clemson Georgia Fresno St.
21 Iowa UCLA Duke Louisville Duke
22 Arizona State Georgia Wisconsin Northern Illinois Texas A&M
23 Fresno State Texas A&M Cincinnati Iowa Cincinnati
24 Georgia Arizona State North Dakota St. Fresno State Wisconsin
25 USC Duke Eastern Illinois Duke Georgia


Florida State and Auburn both continued to win and now will meet in the championship game. Stanford and Michigan State each won their respective conferences and will meet in the Rose Bowl. Baylor and UCF round out the conference champions and they will meet in the Fiesta Bowl.

Ohio State cost themselves a chance at the national championship with their loss to the Spartans of MSU. The Spartans played well, and looked like the better team for most of the game. Michigan State jumped up to number 6 with the win, and were only four points shy of passing Ohio State, with 4-6 being very tight. There were several tiers like this, with 9-11 being close, as well as 12-15, and 16-19. With all the ranked teams that have lost as of late, it has jumbled up a lot of the heart of the rankings.

Thankfully most of the conference champions ranked above the teams they held off for the title, with the exception being Michigan State over Ohio State, who just had too far to fall from number 2, and with only the one loss as well, they did not deserve to drop too far. They still ranged from 5th to 7th in this poll.