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The Dam Links 12/10/2013: Christmas Luau

So Oregon State gets a bowl bid after all. Yup, I was wrong. I'm OK with that.

Otto Kitsinger III

Woohoo? After expecting to get into a bottom-tier bowl against a no-name opponent at a crappy destination in a forgettable TV slot, the Beavers got into a mediocre bowl with a decent opponent in an awesome location in a prime-time TV slot. And it's largely thanks to...ESPN and Beaver basketball? That's a twist I didn't see coming; I don't know about the rest of you, but I think this is a good thing.

Players that are returning to school next year will now get two trips to Hawaii in a nine month period, as the Beavers play the Warriors in Aloha Stadium on September 6, 2014. Players with three remaining years of eligibility will also see Boise State again in 2016, when the Broncos come to Corvallis, finishing the home and home series that began in 2010. OSU holds a 4-3 all time series lead against the Broncos, with a perfect 3-0 record in Corvallis and one win in four tries on the blue turf. Can't say I'm going to miss the blue turf when they play this time; watching blue players on blue turf is hard to watch, even on HD TV.

The Sheraton Hawaii Bowl's official website points out that this is Oregon State's first visit to the Hawaii Bowl, not their second like I had originally thought. The game OSU played against Hawaii in 1999 was in the now-defunct Oahu Bowl. This will actually be Oregon State's fourth bowl game in Hawaii all time, as they played in the Pineapple Bowl twice in the 1940's, winning two games against Hawaii by a combined score of 86-33. The Sheraton Hawaii Bowl is actually the fifth different bowl game held in Hawaii, as the Poi Bowl, the Pineapple Bowl, the Aloha Bowl, and the Oahu Bowl are all defunct. Personally, I think the Pineapple Bowl had the best name.

This will be Oregon State's eighth trip to the state of Hawaii in program history, but the first time they will be playing a team that's not from Hawaii. In 1923 and 1939, the Beavers played the Hawaii All-Stars on Christmas Day, and the University of Hawaii a week later on New Year's Day.

ESPN's First Take on the Hawaii Bowl has some interesting tidbits, including the fact Sean Mannion and Boise State starting QB Joe Southwick competed against each other in high school. Southwick is still questionable for the game, however, as he is still recovering from a broken ankle; Grant Hedwick may start the game. Yahoo ranks the game as the 14th most interesting bowl game.

As you probably know, the Boise State program is in a bit of turmoil as their former coach, Chris Petersen, just left the program to take the University of Washington job. Interim coach Bob Gregory addressed the media after the bowl game invitation was accepted; Gregory was the linebackers coach prior to Petersen leaving.

Lindsey Schnell of the Oregonian offers an initial preview and prediction for the bowl game.

DJ Alexander is excited about wearing shorts all week for Christmas.

ESPN's Pac-12 blog lists out the full Pac-12 bowl schedule, with dates and times. A record 9 conference teams will be playing this year. That is 75% of the conference which, I believe, is also a record. They also provide overall thoughts about the bowl lineup, including the fact that eight of the nine Pac-12 teams opened as favorites in Vegas. However, Boise State may have opened as a favorite, but the line jumped six points in four hours. At 1pm, the line opened with the Broncos a 3 point favorite; a little under four hours later, the Beavers were 2.5 point favorites. With 99% of the money coming in on the Beavers as of this writing, that's some huge early line movement.

The Biletnikoff Award is being presented this week at the college football awards show. Although the fan vote looks to be firmly in Brandin Cooks' favor, you should go here to vote just in case you haven't already. Three other Pac-12 players are finalists for awards at the show: UCLA's Anthony Barr is a semi-finalist for the Bednarik Award for the nation's best defensive player, and Washington's Bishop Sankey and Arizona's KaDeem Carey are two of three finalists for the Doak Walker Award for the nation's best running back (Boston College's Andre Williams is the third). The show airs Thursday night, starting at 4pm Pacific. Not sure where in that program the Biletnikoff will fall.

SB Nation put together this college football bowl schedule that's pretty neat. SBNation's web guy: "I build neat stuff, got a great girl, occasionally save the world." Well, one out of three ain't bad.

The Gazette Times reports on the Hawaii Bowl invite.

Each participant in a bowl game gets a swag bag; the Oregonian outlines what each bowl gets.

If you are going, here's how you can get tickets. If you want to spend a lot of money on a full tour, you can check this out.

Stats that Oregon State players lead the country in (final installment):

Brandin Cooks: Receiving Yards. Receiving Yards per Game.

While this list got a lot shorter as the season wound down, it's still a much longer list than the Beavers have most years.

Non-Football Links:

As Andy outlined yesterday in his First Thoughts, if you are considering going to Hawaii for the bowl game, you can also catch the OSU mens' basketball team, which plays in the Diamond Head Classic that same week, with games on the 22nd, 23rd, and 25th, meaning you could attend four straight days of Beaver sports in paradise. Amongst the possible opponents in that tournament? Boise State. Looks like both schools are going to be saving some money on travel costs; considering both of these events are ESPN-owned, I think ESPN saw the opportunity for increased ticket sales to both events if they invited both of the football teams. I think we can say that Oregon State basketball actually did something positive for the university for a change.

Oregon State womens' basketball team earned a narrow win over the University of Portland on Friday, raising their season record to 5-2. Next up: Hawaii comes to Gill Coliseum on Friday the 13th. There's a lot of Hawaii going on right now.

The Las Vegas Cliff Keen invite took place last weekend, and three Beaver wrestlers placed at the meet.

The mens' rowing team released its full spring schedule late last week.

The week's unrelated video short is mildly NSFW, but no more so than the still you see below. It might be a little embarassing to watch at work because the soundtrack entirely consists of a Miley Cyrus song. But it's 2:44 of comedy gold. Chatroulette is one of those things that can be used for good or evil, and this is good. Note: it probably makes more sense if you've seen Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball video, which I won't be linking here because, well, it's Miley Cyrus music.

As always, if you find anything I missed, leave it in the comments. It's a Great Day to Be a Beaver!