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BTD Top 25 - Holding Steady

There were only a couple teams that move positions, as they were very few challenges to the top 25.

The Spartan win against Michigan moved them into the ranks.
The Spartan win against Michigan moved them into the ranks.
Leon Halip

Overall Poll:

1 Alabama 125
2 Oregon 120
3 Florida State 114
4 Ohio St 111
5 Stanford 99
6 Baylor 84
7 LSU 82
8 Clemson 81
9 Missouri 71
10 Oklahoma State 65
11 Northern Illinois 64
12 Oklahoma 63
13 Miami 62
14 Louisville 59
15 Texas A&M 57
16 Wisconsin 55
17 Auburn 53
18 South Carolina 48
19 UCLA 40
20 Fresno State 30
T-21 Notre Dame 25
T-21 Michigan State 25
23 UCF 24
24 Arizona State 22
25 Georgia 14

Individual Polls:

BeaverBeliever12 Connor Andy Sahr RVM
1 Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama
2 Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon
3 Florida State Ohio State Florida St. Florida State Florida St.
4 Ohio St Florida State Ohio St. Ohio State Ohio St.
5 Baylor Northern Illinois Baylor Baylor Baylor
6 Clemson Stanford Stanford Stanford Stanford
7 Stanford Clemson Louisville LSU LSU
8 Wisconsin Oklahoma State Northern Illinois Auburn Missouri
9 Louisville Wisconsin Fresno St. Missouri Clemson
10 LSU LSU Missouri Texas A&M Oklahoma
11 Oklahoma State South Carolina Texas A&M Clemson Auburn
12 Northern Illinois Oklahoma Auburn Wisconsin Texas A&M
13 Miami Miami (Florida) Miami UCLA Miami, FL
14 Oklahoma Missouri LSU Oklahoma Oklahoma St.
15 Texas A&M Notre Dame Oklahoma Oklahoma State South Carolina
16 UCLA UCF Clemson Miami (FL) UCLA
17 South Carolina Louisville Oklahoma St. Central Florida Northern Illinois
18 Missouri Michigan State UCF Georgia Louisville
19 Notre Dame Michigan UCLA South Carolina Fresno St.
20 Fresno State Georgia South Carolina Louisville Michigan St.
21 Arizona State Arizona State Arizona St. Notre Dame UCF
22 Auburn Washington Michigan St. Michigan State Arizona St.
23 Michigan State Mississippi Wisconsin Arizona State Wisconsin
24 Texas Tech Auburn Houston Northern Illinois Notre Dame
25 UCF Texas A&M Texas Tech Texas Tech Texas Tech


There was not a lot of movement this week, as there were three ranked teams that lost. Miami dropped to 13th with their destruction at the hands of Florida State. This was the first test they had since they had beat Florida, and it came right after the Hurricanes barely beat Wake Forest, which is not a great team. They had climbed to the top of the poll as other teams kept losing around them, but they had done little to prove their merits. In a weak ACC that Florida State game was probably the one chance they would have had.

Texas Tech lost their second game in a row to teams from the Sooner State and dropped out of the rankings. Both Oklahoma schools are ranked so they did lose to good teams, but they needed to prove they could play with the big boys of the Big 12 and they could not. They could make a return if they win their last few games, but that will be tough with Baylor and Texas still on the schedule.

Michigan lost to Michigan State and looked awful doing it. Their rushing total for the game (including sacks) came out to a whopping -48 yards. That is an Oregon State type of number right there. I have been underwhelmed with the Wolverines all year and while they do have some decent wins to their name, they have had plenty of close calls with bad teams and they are now up to three losses. If they win out, which would mean beating number four Ohio State in the finale, then they would end up decently ranked but that is unlikely.

Michigan State jumped into the rankings with their victory over Michigan, and Oklahoma State moved up a few points for beating the Red Raiders, but that was the majority of the moving beyond some single spot shifts.