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BTD Top 25 - Beardown Beatdown

Oregon was one of two top ten teams to fall, and they dropped all the way to number 13 as a result.

Ka'Deem Carey and the Wildcats ran all over the Ducks.
Ka'Deem Carey and the Wildcats ran all over the Ducks.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Consensus Poll:

1 Alabama 125
2 Florida State 119
3 Ohio St 116
4 Oklahoma State 99
5 Clemson 94
6 Missouri 89
7 Stanford 82
8 Auburn 81
9 Northern Illinois 78
10 Baylor 70
T-11 Wisconsin 69
T-11 Louisville 69
13 Oregon 66
14 South Carolina 65
15 Michigan State 58
T-16 Arizona State 52
T-16 LSU 52
18 Fresno State 51
19 UCF 43
20 USC 29
21 Oklahoma 28
22 Texas A&M 22
23 UCLA 19
24 Duke 18
25 Notre Dame 9

Individual Polls:

BeaverBeliever12 Connor Andy Sahr RVM
1 Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama
2 Florida State Ohio State Florida St. Florida State Florida St.
3 Ohio St Florida State Ohio St. Ohio State Ohio St.
4 Oklahoma State Northern Illinois Louisville Auburn Auburn
5 Clemson Clemson Northern Illinois Missouri Clemson
6 Wisconsin Oklahoma State Fresno St. Oklahoma State Missouri
7 Louisville Wisconsin Auburn Clemson Oklahoma St.
8 Northern Illinois South Carolina Oklahoma St. Baylor Baylor
9 LSU Stanford Missouri Stanford Stanford
10 Stanford Missouri Baylor Oregon Michigan St.
11 Missouri UCF Stanford South Carolina Northern Illinois
12 Auburn Louisville Oregon Wisconsin Fresno St.
13 Baylor Michigan State Arizona St. LSU Arizona St.
14 Oregon Oregon Clemson Texas A&M Oregon
15 South Carolina LSU South Carolina Michigan State Louisville
16 Fresno State Oklahoma Michigan St. USC South Carolina
17 Arizona State Notre Dame UCF Arizona State Wisconsin
18 Michigan State Arizona State USC Central Florida Oklahoma
19 USC Duke Wisconsin Georgia UCLA
20 Texas A&M Miami (Florida) LSU Oklahoma UCF
22 Oklahoma Auburn Duke Fresno State USC
23 Duke Fresno State Cincinnati Louisville Duke
24 UCLA Texas A&M North Dakota St. Northern Illinois Texas A&M
25 Cincinnati Iowa Eastern Illinois Duke Cincinnati


Oklahoma State was the big winner of the weekend, jumping up to number 4 with their victory over Baylor. Style points do count and they absolutely smoked the Baylor Bears, and now are atop the Big 12. The only team left in their way is Oklahoma, who has been lackluster as of late, but still are capable of pulling the upset. It should be mentioned that if Oklahoma State loses, and Baylor and Texas can win this week, then the Bears and Longhorns will play next week for the Big 12 championship.

Auburn has also moved up the ranks, despite being on a bye, but higher ranked teams fell and as they are still the number one contender to Alabama's SEC West title, they have bumped up.

Baylor fell to 10th, as previously mentioned in their loss to Oklahoma State. This was their first loss of the season and took them out of the championship picture. Their high powered offense was held down to 17 points; their previous low for the season had been 35 to Kansas State, so the Cowboys did an exceptional job holding down the Bears.

The Ducks were thoroughly whacked by Arizona as well and fell to number 13. The fall was greater than Baylor's, which can be due to Arizona being a middle level Pac-12 team, although they are starting to accumulate votes in the AP and coaches' poll after their victory over the Ducks. The loss also took the Ducks out of the Pac-12 championship game, and eliminated their shot at the Rose Bowl.

Arizona State beat UCLA to earn a berth in the Pac-12 championship game as well, and moved up a few spots from their victory. UCLA had been demolished by injuries and had not looked like the contender that was expected from the beginning of the year while the Sun Devils have stayed fairly level, losing to Stanford and Notre Dame, and have earned themselves a second shot at the Cardinal with a Rose Bowl on the line.

LSU also beat Texas A&M on the weekend and the Aggies plummeted to number 22 as a result. The Bayou Bengals strangely stayed relatively level, not moving up despite their victory over a top 25 opponent.

Notre Dame made their way into the ranks at 25 solely on the back of Connor ranking them number 17, as they did not gain another single vote, but with that high of a vote and some disagreement on the lower spots among the rest of the committee they snuck their way to number 25.

Louisville is an interesting team as well, they were a top ten team before their loss to UCF who sits at 19th in our ranks and in the BCS rankings as well. It seems an awfully tough punishment for a team whose single loss came to their conference leader to be down so far, but they have not done anything to impress voters lately. In the BTD ballots they were 7th, 12th, 4th, 23rd, and 15th. Even in this small of a sample size there is a considerable amount of disagreement, and there has been for the entire season.