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BTD Top 25 - Duck Hunting

The rankings were shook up this week starting with Oregon's loss to Stanford.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Overall Poll:

1 Alabama 125
2 Florida State 119
3 Ohio St 113
4 Stanford 105
5 Baylor 101
6 Oregon 99
7 Clemson 85
8 Missouri 78
9 Oklahoma State 73
10 Northern Illinois 71
11 Louisville 68
12 Texas A&M 62
13 South Carolina 61
T-14 Wisconsin 59
T-14 Auburn 59
16 LSU 52
17 UCLA 49
18 UCF 43
19 Fresno State 41
20 Michigan State 40
21 Arizona State 29
22 Oklahoma 27
23 Miami 16
24 Texas 10
25 Nebraska 7

Individual Polls:

BeaverBeliever12 Connor Andy Sahr RVM
1 Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama
2 Florida State Ohio State Florida St. Florida State Florida St.
3 Ohio St Florida State Baylor Baylor Baylor
4 Baylor Northern Illinois Ohio St. Ohio State Ohio St.
5 Stanford Stanford Stanford Stanford Stanford
6 Oregon Clemson Oregon Oregon Oregon
7 Clemson Oregon Louisville Missouri Auburn
8 Wisconsin Oklahoma State Northern Illinois Auburn Missouri
9 Louisville Wisconsin Fresno St. Texas A&M Clemson
10 Oklahoma State South Carolina Missouri Clemson Texas A&M
11 Northern Illinois Missouri Texas A&M LSU Oklahoma St.
12 Texas A&M UCF Auburn Wisconsin South Carolina
13 LSU Louisville Clemson UCLA UCLA
14 UCLA Michigan State Oklahoma St. Oklahoma State Northern Illinois
15 South Carolina LSU UCLA South Carolina Louisville
16 Missouri Baylor UCF Central Florida Fresno St.
17 Fresno State Oklahoma South Carolina Georgia Michigan St.
18 Auburn Miami (Florida) Arizona St. Louisville Oklahoma
19 Arizona State Georgia Michigan St. Oklahoma LSU
20 Michigan State Notre Dame LSU Michigan State Arizona St.
21 UCF Arizona State Wisconsin Fresno State Wisconsin
22 Miami Washington Nebraska Northern Illinois UCF
23 Oklahoma Nebraska Texas Arizona State Texas
24 Texas Michigan Miami Texas Miami, FL
25 USC Mississippi Minnesota Virginia Tech Minnesota


The obvious fall is Oregon losing to Stanford, and it was pretty convincing despite a late charge from the Ducks. In the BCS picture that loss is going to keep them on the outside looking in unless they can get some losses from anyone in the top 5. They might even be given preference over Ohio State with the Buckeyes having such a weak schedule. That said, if there are unbeatens left at the end of the year they should be first in line.

Alabama beat down LSU and the Bayou Bengals took a huge drop for that loss, dropping nine spots to number 16. It might be a little harsh of a punishment for losing to the best team in the country, but they have a chance to make up ground when they face Texas A&M next week.

Oklahoma was shellacked by Baylor and dropped ten spots to number 22 a fate similar to what happened to LSU. This was more of a valid loss than LSU's loss in my opinion, Baylor came in and ran the Sooners out of the stadium in the second quarter. LSU did at least manage to hang around for a little bit longer into the second half.

Miami also continued their descent down the rankings with a loss to Virginia Tech, who made a fall of their own earlier in the year. The Hurricanes had not really played a quality opponent until Florida State, and now with consecutive losses they are on the verge of getting bounced from the ranks altogether.

Notre Dame has fallen out of the rankings though, with a loss to Pitt, who is merely a middling team. That should take care of Notre Dame for the year unless they can figure out a way to overcome the number four ranked Stanford Cardinal in their last game of the year.

One team to watch for the future is Texas. They started off poorly, but they lead the Big 12 with an unblemished conference record and have looked solid starting with a dominating performance against Oklahoma a few weeks ago. The Longhorns are finally utilizing their ridiculous talent and look like the team they should have been for the last few years. If both Texas and Baylor can survive til the end of the season they would face each other for the Big 12 championship, although both of them have to get through Oklahoma State and Texas Tech to create that opportunity.