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Cal Contest (Yet) Another Night Game

In a rerun of a familiar theme, Oregon St.'s game next Saturday at California will again be a late, 7:30 PM start, on either ESPN2 or ESPNU, a choice to be made next week.

Fully half of the Pac-12's 6 games that day that were just scheduled* will be night games, with the Washington St.-Oregon game getting the best tv treatment, a 7 PM start on Fox Sports 1.

* The 7th game, USC at Notre Dame, being an NBC game, was set for east coast prime time (4:30 PDT) a long time ago.

The marque game of the day will be the the UCLA at Stanford game, which gets the 12:30 PM slot, on an ABC/ESPN2 mirror split national coverage.

At least the Beavers will be on a first tier national signal; half the conference's games got relegated to the Pac-12 Channel, which will start with the Charlston Southern-Colorado game at 1 PM in Boulder (Noon PDT), and won't get over before the start of the Washington at Arizona St. game, which will start at 3 PM AST & PDT, at which time temperatures will be above 90 in the shade. (Can anybody explain to Larry Scott that college football games are NEVER played in 3 hours, and games CAN actually start at 3:30 PM?)

The Pac-12 Channel had to put one of the days' desert games in the day time though, with the Utah at Arizona a 7 PM AST & PDT start, also on the Pac-12 Channel. (This will be Utah's 5th night game in 7 outings, and all 5 of them starting AFTER 8 PM in Salt Lake City.