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The Dam Links 10/4/2013: Bye Bye Bye

Great, now I have that *N Sync song stuck in my head. Thanks, jerk.

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Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

First up, the Beaver baseball team is hosting a scrimmage at Goss at 5pm today. Admission is free. The weather forecast looks good, should be a great day for baseball.

Rommel Mageo, the new starting middle linebacker, is grateful for the opportunity he has in Corvallis.

The USA Today has taken note of the Cooks to Mannion connection. Athlon Sports' Heisman poll has Mannion tied for eighth this week, with two fourth place votes out of thirteen voters.

ESPN's Sharon Katz explains why Mannion's 6 TD, 414 yard game didn't produce that great a Total QB rating. In fact, by this rating, his performance was below average. For the year, Mannion's Total QB Rating is 36th in the country, barely in the top third. In case you're wondering what Total QB Rating is and why Mannion's seems so low, here's an explanation.

In Mel Kiper's latest Big Board (projections of the 2014 NFL draft), Scott Crichton shows up at #23. Obviously, he includes juniors and redshirt sophomores on the list, not all of whom are necessarily going to go out for the draft. I was aware Cooks and Mannion might conceivably leave after this year, not sure why Crichton didn't occur to me before. Let's hope they all come back for one more year, as next year, without any of those guys, would be a scary thing.

Athlon continues to put together some interesting stats about the Pac-12 every week. I'm a big fan of obscure stats, in case you didn't notice.

Since it's the bye week, team coaches are dispersing to far away lands to work on their recruiting pitches. But just because there's no game doesn't mean that practice is any less important.

Oregon Live has a couple of videos: Brandin Cooks says the Beavers are starting to click. Storm Woods talks about the running backs he most likes to watch.

In this bye week, are you craving to watch some Oregon State football games you've almost assuredly never seen before? A friend of mine is an archivist at Washington State University, and they have been archiving and posting tons of old footage of WSU football games from 1931 to current. Most of these are silent coaching films, but there are a few of them with sound. The reason this interests us is because 41 of these games are Beaver-Cougar games, meaning there's a ton of old video of Beaver football online dating back to 1936. Want to watch Terry Baker run for three touchdowns against the Cougs? Want to watch the first game ever played at Parker Stadium? Want to watch Oregon State's last Rose Bowl team (this one has the sound of the TV/radio annoucers)? The oldest game between the two schools they have is from 1936. Or, if you're not looking just for OSU, Jackie Robinson played football against the Cougars in 1936.

The 10 best OSU football plays of September 2013. I'd switch #1 with #2, but that's just me. Apparently, all the best plays have been in the last three games.

After basketball media day on Tuesday, there's quite a bit of coverage on Oregon Live. The basketball team has three important questions that it needs to answer if it's going to improve its position in the Pac-12. The good news is it can't get worse. A few leftover tidbits from Connor Letourneau that didn't fit neatly into another article. Finally, Coach Craig Robinson is hoping for a storybook season.

Professional football is coming to Portland! OK, it's just the Arena Football League, but it's still professional football. They plan on getting a bunch of old Beavers and Ducks on the team. I vote for Mike Hass, personally.

Mens' soccer lost their opening game of conference play, 3-1 on the road against #1 ranked Cal. That puts them at 7-3 on the year. Womens' golf won their first tournament in five years, and Anica Yoo took home medalist honors. After a nearly month long break, the cross country team resumes racing this weekend in Sacramento.

The Dockers pants I mentioned a month ago are now on sale; pretty sure if you sign up for their mailing list you can get an additional 20% off, not positive on that, though. I got mine a couple of weeks ago, and wore them to the Colorado game. I told someone that I was the guy wearing the orange pants and they were able to find me; orange pants seem to be hard to find at Beaver games, oddly enough. Whether that's a matter of fashion or a matter of the availability of orange pants, I don't know. The comfort is good, the fit is fine, and they look about as snazzy as it is physically possible for orange pants to look; the back has the OSU logo, and the interior wasteband says "Go Beavs!"

Your unrelated video short is brought to you today by SCIENCE!

Far out, man.

Without any Beavers on TV this weekend, this weekend should be stress-free, right? Unless, of course, you're an NFL fan. If I missed anything, leave it in the comments below, and I'll see you on the flip side.