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BTD Top 25 - Red Dawn

The top 25 rankings saw some extreme shuffling with seven ranked losses and Mizzou and NIU were some of the benefactors of those defeats.

Northern Illinois has jumped up the board among a myriad of ranked losses.
Northern Illinois has jumped up the board among a myriad of ranked losses.
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Overall Poll:

1 Alabama 125
2 Oregon 119
3 Clemson 113
4 Ohio St 110
5 Florida State 105
6 Louisville 97
7 LSU 95
8 South Carolina 81
9 Texas A&M 74
10 Miami 72
11 UCLA 70
12 Stanford 68
13 Baylor 59
14 Missouri 57
15 Georgia 45
16 Northern Illinois 41
17 Oklahoma 40
18 Oklahoma State 37
19 Wisconsin 35
20 Washington 32
21 Texas Tech 31
T-22 Florida 22
T-22 Virginia Tech 22
24 Notre Dame 18
25 Michigan 16

Individual Polls:

BeaverBeliever12 Connor Andy Sahr RVM
1 Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama
2 Oregon Clemson Oregon Oregon Oregon
3 Clemson Oregon Ohio St. Florida State Clemson
4 Ohio St Ohio State Louisville Clemson Ohio St.
5 Florida State Louisville Clemson Ohio State Florida St.
6 Louisville Florida State Florida St. LSU LSU
7 LSU LSU Texas A&M Texas A&M Louisville
8 South Carolina South Carolina UCLA Baylor Texas A&M
9 UCLA Northern Illinois LSU Missouri South Carolina
10 Miami Stanford South Carolina Stanford Miami, FL
11 Texas A&M Miami (Florida) Miami Louisville UCLA
12 Baylor Oklahoma State Baylor UCLA Stanford
13 Oklahoma State Missouri Northern Illinois Georgia Baylor
14 Wisconsin Wisconsin Missouri South Carolina Missouri
15 Stanford Georgia Stanford Wisconsin Texas Tech
16 Georgia Oklahoma Texas Tech Miami (FL) Oklahoma
17 Oklahoma Washington Fresno St. Washington Virginia Tech
18 Washington Michigan Virginia Tech Oklahoma Michigan
19 Northern Illinois Notre Dame Houston Florida Oklahoma St.
20 Texas Tech UCLA Georgia Notre Dame Florida
21 Florida Nebraska Michigan Virginia Tech Georgia
22 Notre Dame Florida Washington Texas Tech Northern Illinois
23 Missouri Texas A&M Oklahoma Oklahoma State Fresno St.
24 Fresno State Arizona State Nebraska Auburn Washington
25 Arizona State Mississippi Oregon St. Central Florida Notre Dame


Seven ranked teams lost over the weekend, Stanford, Georgia, Oklahoma, Washington, Florida, Michigan, and Northwestern. The only team to drop out was Northwestern but every team saw notable drops, Stanford and Georgia fell out of the top 10, Oklahoma dropped seven spots to 17, Washington fell five spots to 20, Florida fell four spots to 22, and Michigan dropped all the way to the very edge of the rankings, only sitting two points above Fresno State.

Missouri rocketed all the way up from unranked to 14th after defeating a depleted Georgia team. This is one where my opinion varied considerably from the other voters, as what I saw from Saturday did not impress me, neither team looked stupendous and Georgia has been ravaged by injuries right now. They absolutely deserve to be ranked but it feels like leapfrogging them above 11 other teams might be overvaluing one win a bit much.

Northern Illinois continues to climb as well, who went to a perfect 6-0 and should continue to be perfect until a showdown with Ball State later in the year. They are led by dual threat quarterback Jordan Lynch and they actually sit right above Oregon State in total offense at 16th in the country.

Louisville moved up a spot with Stanford's loss, but they saw a drop in one ranking after their mildly uninspiring win over Rutgers last Thursday. Sahr has held them at 10-12 for most of the season, and considering who they've played so far is not unjustified. To convince voters that they are more worthy style points are going to count for the Cardinals.

UCLA is also moving up with the two top ten losses, but only vote holds them down in this poll. Most of the votes were right around 10th, but Connor's vote continues to be right in the bottom of the ranks, actually moving them up to 20 this week. The top two tests for the Bruins have been Nebraska who they walloped in the second half of that game, and Utah who gave them all they could handle. They have a chance to prove themselves this weekend with a game at now 12th ranked Stanford, followed by a game at Oregon.

Wisconsin is also a subject of discourse, with three ballots at 14th, 14th, and 15th and then left off of two ballots. They have two losses, but one was a loss to Arizona State that was partially on the refs, and the other was a loss against a top 5 opponent in Ohio State. They obliterated Northwestern and moved up in the aforementioned polls, but there are not many more statement game opportunities for the Badgers.

The Beavers also made their first appearances on ballots, sitting at 25th on Andy's and meriting an "RVM vote" as well (which really just means consideration). In the AP and USA Today polls they are beginning to garner some votes, reaching 30th and 31st respectively. It is still a long road back to credibility.