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The Dam Links 10/11/2013: Wazzu!

Washington State. The second best thing to ever come out of Pullman. The first of course, is the president's speech from Independence Day.

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Saying or typing Wazzu! is way more fun if you add an exclamation point.

The Beavers haven't lost in Pullman since 2003, but they only won one game in Pullman between 1979 and 2003. They have an all-time record of 18-23-2 in Pullman, and trail the Cougars in the all time series 46-48-3. Let's hope for a win this year, so OSU can start some sort of inane campaign next year to Tie the Wazzu! See? More fun.

OSU hasn't played on the Palouse since 2009, since the 2011 game was in Seattle. Of current Beavers, only Michael Philipp and Jovan Stevenson have played in Martin Stadium before. However, the stadium will look a lot different than the last time they were there. A significant renovation took place in 2012, upgrading the press box and adding luxury suites to the stadium's south side. Also, the Football Operations Center is being constructed now in the west end zone, and should be ready in time for the 2014 season.

Oregon State's Athletic Communications Department has put together a list of good info about this weekend's game, some parts of which you'll find littered throughout this article. They have also put together a video of all eight interceptions the Beavers have taken away this season.

Jacob Thorpe of the Spokesman-Review believes that Sean Mannion is going to put the Cougars to test this weekend. Five questions with WSU beat writer Howie Stalwick.

Lindsey Schnell expects the Beavers to use a lot of nickel and dime packages against the Cougars this weekend.

ESPN's Stats & Info department ranks the Pac-12 as the second best conference, and they're a lot closer to first than third. They do note in the article that the Pac-12 North ranks as the best division in college football, slightly better than the SEC West. Of course, these are the same people who invented the TQBR, which currently has Sean Mannion ranked as the 25th best QB in the country, so keep that in mind if you decide to cite sources during a drunken discussion in a Pullman bar on Saturday.

Storm Woods is looking forward to getting back on the field, and believes he can help fix the running game. I would believe that if he can't get it done now, with a healthy offensive line, it's not going to happen.

ESPN's Pac-12 blog highlights some things to keep an eye on this week in the Pac-12, and also offers predictions for all the games. They disagree on the WSU-OSU game, Ted picks the Beavs, Kevin picks the Cougs. They also predict that balls will be flying Saturday night in Pullman. Wazzu!

If you've ever wondered why Trevor Romaine warms up without a shirt, here's why. Or maybe why Kyle DeVan, former offensive lineman, is now coaching OSU's tight ends?

Drew Clarkson, an offensive lineman from Camas, verbally committed to the Beavers on Wednesday night; he also had offers from Cal, Washington, and Washington State. Something notable about Clarkson is that his recruiting period happened while he was undergoing chemotherapy for testicular cancer, which he appears to be past. John Canzano has more on Clarkson, who seems like he'll be a great fit at OSU. Definitely a kid to root for. Drew Clarkson, may the Schwartz be with you.

The Pac-12 blog also ranks the current football recruiting classes in the conference. Guess who's #12? I've quit fretting too much about poor recruiting rankings for Oregon State, as they really don't seem to translate to on the field results. The most exciting part of the article for me? OSU is recruiting a 4-star running back from California named Squally Canada. I'm a fan of good names, and that is a great name.

Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury-News posts his Pac-12 power rankings, and has the Beavs at #5.

John Canzano also has an update on recent football alum Mike Remmers. Remmers just got signed to the San Diego Chargers' active duty roster, and will be on the field for the Colts on Monday night.

I meant to mention this in Wednesday's The Dam Links, but , but Jacquizz Rodgers had two touchdowns for the Falcons in Monday night's loss to the Jets. With Jackson out, he is the Falcons' primary running back, but 16 carries for 43 yards isn't going to win the starting job long term. He also failed to get the ball across the goal line from the 1 as time ran out in the first half, which was a curious coaching choice to go for it, particularly since the Falcons lost by 2.

Jacoby Ellsbury batted .500 in the Red Sox' ALDS series victory over the Rays. He was 9-for-18 with 7 runs, 2 doubles, and 4 stolen bases. If they gave an MVP for the ALDS, I have to imagine he would have won it. Speaking of Ellsbury, wouldn't this be fun for Pacific Northwest baseball fans? If they could get Stefan Romero called up, maybe we could get the Mariners and Cubs to play an exhibition game at Goss. (Dream on, I know).

The Gazette Times talks to Challie Barton, OSU's starting point guard this fall.

I'm a fan of neutral site games at NFL venues or other interesting stadiums, but this one's a little different. Fitting 160,000 people around a racetrack works for a car race and might very well set a record for attendance at a college football game, but I would think it's also going to set some sort of record for furthest distance a paying audience member is from the action. I'd go for the novelty, but only if I was guaranteed a good seat.

Your relevant video of the day:

In your unrelated short of the day, Joseph the Cat stars as the Oregon State defense, opposite the red balloon's portrayal of Vernon Adams.

And, because I referenced it in the intro...

As always, vote in the poll below. If you're in Pullman for the game, dress warm and dry, and maybe I'll see you there. If you see someone there wearing OSU brand orange pants, that will almost assuredly be me.

And if the Beavers lose, and you're looking for someone to blame, feel free to point the finger at me. Why? OSU is 0-8 in true road games that I have attended, although I did attend the 2011 WSU game in Seattle that the Beavers won. My brother's already mad at me for going.