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BTD Top 25 - Bulldogs Blast Past the Bayou Bengals

The major game of the weekend was the top 10 matchup between Georgia and LSU, which the Bulldogs won, moving them forward to number 7.

Aaron Murray and the Bulldogs have recovered their pre-season standing.
Aaron Murray and the Bulldogs have recovered their pre-season standing.
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Consensus Poll:

1 Alabama
2 Oregon
3 Clemson
4 Ohio State
5 Stanford
6 Louisville
7 Georgia
8 Florida State
11 Oklahoma
12 Washington
13 South Carolina
14 Texas A&M
15 Miami
16 Northwestern
17 Michigan
18 Oklahoma State
19 Florida
20 Baylor
21 Northern Illinois
22 Ole Miss
T-23 Arizona State
T-23 Wisconsin
25 Texas Tech

Individual Polls:

BeaverBeliever12 Connor Andy Sahr RVM
1 Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama
2 Oregon Clemson Oregon Oregon Oregon
3 Clemson Oregon Ohio St. Clemson Clemson
4 Ohio St Ohio State Louisville Ohio State Ohio St.
5 Stanford Stanford Stanford Stanford Stanford
6 Louisville Washington Clemson Texas A&M Florida St.
7 Georgia Louisville Georgia Georgia Georgia
8 Florida State Florida State Florida St. Florida State Louisville
9 LSU Georgia Texas A&M LSU LSU
10 Oklahoma LSU UCLA Louisville Texas A&M
11 South Carolina Oklahoma LSU Oklahoma Oklahoma
12 UCLA Mississippi Michigan UCLA Miami, FL
13 Washington South Carolina South Carolina South Carolina UCLA
14 Miami Michigan Northwestern Washington Washington
15 Northwestern Northern Illinois Miami Miami (FL) Northwestern
16 Oklahoma State Northwestern Washington Michigan South Carolina
17 Texas A&M Miami (Florida) Northern Illinois Baylor Baylor
18 Arizona State Oklahoma State Oklahoma Wisconsin Oklahoma St.
19 Florida Florida Baylor Oklahoma State Michigan
20 Wisconsin Arizona State Florida Northwestern Florida
21 Baylor Wisconsin Texas Tech Florida Texas Tech
22 Michigan Notre Dame Fresno St. Notre Dame Mississippi
23 Ole Miss UCLA Arizona St. Texas Tech Maryland
24 Northern Illinois Nebraska Virginia Tech Central Florida Arizona St
25 Notre Dame Texas A&M Iowa Mississippi Northern Illinois


There were two unanimous teams, Alabama at number one, and Stanford at number 5. This is the first time that the full BTD voting committee has agreed completely on a team's position besides Alabama since the beginning of the ranks. The majority of the ranks were not as close either, with the places for most teams beginning to find some slots.

One large disagreement has been Louisville who moved up to number 6, but could be found as high as number 4 and as low as number 10. The rest of the votes were in the middle of that range, but Louisville's lack of strength of schedule is hurting their perception as they may very well be a top 5 team, but will not get much of a chance to prove it.

Texas A&M made its first appearance onto Connor's ballot at number 25 this week, with multiple ranked teams falling out of the rankings. There was also massive disagreement on the Aggies, as Sahr had them all the way at 6, Andy and RVM had them at 9 and 10, and I placed them at 17. The Aggies are a good team, but they are polarizing as well, even just Johnny Manziel is polarizing by himself.

The big losers over the weekend were Oklahoma State and Notre Dame. Oklahoma State fell to Western Virginia and number 18 in our poll and Notre Dame fell straight out of the poll, although they sit at number 26 and with a win next week against Arizona State would likely climb back into the top 25. Ole Miss and LSU had minor falls after losing to other ranked opponents, but are still close to where they were. Andy was actually quite ruthless with the losses, dropping LSU down the furthest out of the committee to 11, and dropped the other aforementioned losers right out of the poll, but winning will get them right back into it.