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Breaking News: Chip Kelly Headed To Philadelphia After All

Here's a sight we may never see again!
Here's a sight we may never see again!

ESPN, and subsequently CBS Sports, are reporting that Oregon head football coach Chip Kelly has decided to jump to the Philadelphia Eagles after all. No doubt after Philadelphia made additional concessions about player control after Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly also turned them down.

SB Nation College Football will have all the updates, and Addicted To Quack will have coverage of the panicky reaction, as the move has blindsided everyone, not the least of which is Kelly's own staff.

How many move on with him, or whether they indeed do promote Mark Helfrich, as was the plan originally, will be developments to watch as well, but if the deal comes together, its one of the biggest game changers in the Pac-X in a long time, especially if you exclude those involving Pete Carroll.