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Time For Some Fall Ball!

Oregon St. baseball will have a couple of fall ball intra-squad scrimmages this week.

(Photo by Andy Wooldridge)

We've been all about football (and a web site redesign project, cleverly designed to draw fanoverboard back on board to point out our errors) at BTD, and for good reason, but there is baseball to talk about too!

The Oregon St. baseball team is in the midst of fall-ball, and will play a pair of intra-squad scrimmages this Friday and Saturday. So if you aren't making the Tucson trip, and are in the mid-valley area, stop by Goss Stadium and get your off season fix of Beaver Baseball.

Both scrimmages will be 5 inning affairs, and they are free! Friday the action starts at 2:40, and Saturday the start time is 10 AM.

Go Beavs!