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Washington St. Game Set For A 3 PM Kickoff, Pac-12 TV

Oregon St.'s next home football game, against the Washington St. Cougars on Sat. Oct. 6, has been set for an odd 3 PM kickoff, and will be carried only by the Pac-12 Channel.

Apparently Pirate Mike Leach and the "Air Raid" offense hasn't impressed the national tv carriers, so the matchup of the teams from the 2 smallest markets in the conference got last pick. FX passed on the Pac altogether, and there will be no ABC covered Pac-12 game either (Illinois at Wisconsin was more attractive nationally).

There are 4 Pac-12 games that day, including Washington at Oregon, which will be at 7:30 PM on ESPN, as well as a pair of games in the Bay Area, including UCLA at California, which is on the Pac-12 channel in prime time on the west coast at 7 PM, and Arizona at Stanford, at noon on FOX.