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Arizona Game a 7 PM Start On the Pac-12 Network

We knew the game in Tucson at the end of the month against Arizona would be an evening game, but now we know the television window will start at 7 PM AST, which is also 7 PM PDT, and it will be carried by the Pac-12 Network.

The competition for the evening audience will be the Oregon vs. Washington St. game from Century Link Field in Seattle, a game that starts a half hour later, which will be carried by ESPN.

This makes it the first game where Oregon St. fans living in an area not served by a cable carrier who carries the Pac-12 Network or who have a satellite provider other than DISH Network will have to switch to see the Beavers unless Directv comes to an agreement with the Pac-12 Network in the mean time.

The main sticking point is the conference wants the network carried in Directv's base package, while Directv only wants to carry the network in their Sports Pac, and both seem willing to lose customers altogether, and their dollars, over it.