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Gamechanging Moment - Wisconsin

One moment to help create this moment. (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)
One moment to help create this moment. (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)
Getty Images

During Saturday's game versus Wisconsin, it was obviously a day filled with terrific plays by the Beavs (although mostly on defense), and DJ Welch earned defensive player of the week honors, but one play in the game stood out to me as the most critical play of the day. Dylan Wynn's sack of Wisconsin quarterback Danny O'Brien helped save the game for the Beavers just when things looked like they would take a turn for the worst.

Following a missed long snap and mishanlding of said snap, the Badgers were presented with their real first scoring opportunity of the day, as they started in field goal range. O'Brien dropped back to pass, at this point I was already screaming as I was watching Wynn getting held as he was trying to turn the corner. The secondary covered well though forcing O'Brien to try and hold taking one step back directly into the path of the fast charging Wynn who was still being held. The collision forced a fumble which was recovered by Scott Crichton. The momentum had felt like it shifted when the mishandled punt attempt occured, and this play completely rectified the situation. In the stands I was already worried when we turned the ball over, the defense had done an exceptional job all day and I was uncertain if they would be able to stop them on such a short field, but just like they had done all day they stopped them.

No other play I can remember had an impact like this one did. The Ryan Murphy interception did help change field position, but not much else. The 4th down stop helped take more time off the clock, but the sack and forced fumble directly took points off the board for Wisconsin. The rest of the day was spent on offensive drives that never had any real impact except for changing field position. If Wisconsin had scored, they might have tied the game at the end, and who knows what the result may have been in overtime. I don't remember them calling Dylan Wynn's number a lot during the game but he stepped up in a big moment, and really helped the Beavs deliver the victory.