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Opening Saturday Open Thread

The fun started Thursday night, when the Pac-12 went 3-1, and continued to ramp up last night, but today's the first Saturday of football season, which will continue tomorrow, and even on Monday. Oregon St. fans are among the very few who don't have a game somewhere in these 5 days, but that doesn't mean we can't take in a lot of football! Even if you are among the masses who are excluded from being able to see the Pac-12 Network.

It all starts at 6 AM PDT with the Notre Dame-Navy game being played in Dublin, Ireland (Connor will be up for that one), and continue all day, with Oregon's game against visiting Sun Belt Champion Arkansas St. (on ESPN), and Washington's game against San Diego St., and former Beaver quarterback Ryan Katz, tonight.

Meanwhile the Beavers are working hard on preparation for what is now their opener, next week against Wisconsin.

The Badgers open today against the Northern Iowa Panthers of the FCS Missouri Valley Conference at 12:30 PM PDT, and its available on the Big Ten Network. (Which Directv does and has carried since its launch.) A great scouting opportunity for Oregon St. fans!

The late afternoon slot includes #1 USC's opener against Hawaii on Fox at 4:30 PM PDT, and this year's Cowboy Classic from Dallas, a game/event and a place Beaver fans are familiar with from 2 years ago, carried nationally on ABC, between #8 Michigan and #2 Alabama.

Drop in and share your thoughts, frustrations, hopes, and analysis as the day, and the games, unfold.