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Practice Day 2 At Oregon St. Quiet

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The second day of fall practice for football at Oregon St., the last with helmets only, was rather quiet, which is a good thing, given that it was spent putting in more plays, and big news would probably be bad news, as in a freak injury or something of that nature. Right now, its all about foundation laying work.

Here's head coach Mike Riley talking about the days efforts, and especially the offensive line, which is everybody's chief concern.

There was another roster move aimed at shoring up the shallow defensive front's depth chart.

Redshirt freshman Jaswha James moved from middle linebacker down to defensive tackle, a move made possible after the Inglewood, CA, product put on over 25 lbs. since last season. Jaswha is still alarmingly small by defensive tackle standards, listed at 247 lbs. on his 6'2" frame, but if he continues to grow at the rate seen in his first year, he could grow into the role.

Tomorrow's 11 AM practice will see the shoulder pads go on for the first time, and the beginning of some actual contact, as the Beavers begin to ramp up to full pads on Friday.