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Watkins, Gwacham To Watch Whatever Happens On Saturday

Oregon St. football head coach Mike Riley announced that starting senior safety Anthony Watkins and WR Obum Gwacham will watch from the sidelines on Saturday.

Watkins is still suffering from a sore hip that has hampered his ability to practice for a couple of weeks now. Nickel defensive back Tyrequek Zimmerman will get the start, with Peter Ashton picking up most of the nickel assignments.

Gwacham, suffering again from a sore foot that caused him to miss practices last week, wasn't going to start anyway, but was hopeful of playing after Monday's practice. However, it wan't as sound today.

Fortunately, it looks like TE Colby Prince will be ready to start as he promised he would be, as he worked without problems from the shoulder he separated last week.

Whether there will be a game is still somewhat of an unknown while everyone waits for Hurricane Isaac to play out. Nicholls St. still expects to make the trip, but the weather remains a factor. A better idea might be had tomorrow.

The thought of a repeat of the spring non-game sort of scrimmage doesn't thrill Riley, who, when asked what the Beavers would do if Nicholls St. doesn't make it to Corvallis for Saturday's season opener replied "I don't know,'' Riley said. "A big scrimmage? I don't know what we would do.'' was unable to confirm reports that Athletic Director was sacrificing a roast duck to the weather gods, as the progress on construction of the basketball practice facility obscured the view of the area behind Gill Coliseum.