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Secondary Cable Commitments Starting To Come Together

There is still nothing but rumors as far as the Pac-12 Network, which launches in 2 weeks, being carried by the satellite services, Direct TV and Dish being the big ones, but there is some progress finally beyond the initial 4 cable carriers, Comcast, Time Warner, Cox, and Bright House.

Frontier Communications, which most know of as FIOS, has signed on with the conference, as has Bend Broadband.

Frontier provides cable coverage to some communities primarily in rural areas, though some are adjacent to major markets, in a number of states, including Oregon, Washington, Utah, Northern California, and Arizona, as well as Idaho and Nevada, (though not Colorado).

Bend Broadband's coverage extends to much of Central Oregon.

The addition of secondary cable carriers is critical to negotiations with especially Direct TV, who hadn't had anything to fear as far as many of their customers having any alternative. If the Pac-12 Network can, as expected, come to agreements with more of the small market carriers found especially throughout the west, which is happening through the Conference having reached an agreement with the National Cable Television Cooperative, the association that provides access to programming for many mostly smaller operators, then leverage will begin to build in the consumer's favor.

In the mean time, remember to go to the Pac-12's Network Finder to find out if you can get the games. And it wouldn't help to call your provider directly either.