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Connor's Contest

Our good buddy Connor is running the ultimate Pac-8/10/12 fantasy challenge, with several of us from several blogs invited to draft all-star teams from the ranks of Pac alums. I was able to build around Kareem-Abdul Jabbar, and decided to assemble a versatile supporting cast that could play effectively night in and night out regardless of the strategy the opponent employees.

I came up with this group:

Head Coach - Sean Miller, Arizona

Guard - Byron Scott, Arizona State
Guard - Kevin Johnson, California
Guard - Lionel Hollins, Arizona State
Guard - Lester Conner, Oregon State
Forward - A.C. Green, Oregon State
Forward - Detlef Schrempf, Washington
Forward - David Meyers, UCLA
Forward - Jim Barnett, Oregon
Center - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, UCLA
Center - Lonnie Shelton, Oregon State

I was unable to land Gary Payton or Steve Johnson or Mel Counts, but was able to get 3 solid Beaver alums, as well as a number of players with solid careers that carried them well beyond their days in the Pac.

Now, its time to sort things out. My group is up against a stout bunch built by Mark Sandritter and Jeff Nusser from up at CougCenter. (Got to give them credit, at least they knew it would take a double team of Cougs against a Beav!)

Head on over to Rushthecourt where Connor is conducting the polling, and show your support. We can't let David Piper from ATQ, who won his first round matchup, hog the northwest bragging rights, can we?